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Mapusa traders meeting the MMC chairperson Sandip Falari on Wednesday

Mapusa Merchants demand streamlining of market vendors


MAPUSA : A delegation comprising of 40 traders from the Mapusa Merchants Association met the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) chairperson Sandip Falari on Wednesday demanding the streamlining of Mapusa market as vendors congest the market roads and sell goods at less price.

The delegation was led by the president of Mapusa Merchants Association Ashish Shirodkar.  The traders’ concern was that vendors sell goods at a lesser price and the merchants have to face hardship in selling their goods.

The delegation claimed that the sopo contractor is allowing the daily vendors to occupy the space in every nook and corner of the market and the market inspectors are not doing their job properly.

Shirodkar said, “There should be control over the daily vendors sitting in the market and on the products which they are selling. Hawkers selling spices along the roadsides do not have necessary permissions to do business in the market”.

He informed the MMC chairperson that the daily vendors are doing brisk business and are not paying sopo to the government, whereas the traders have to pay sales tax, income tax, garbage tax, rent etc.”

Chairperson Falari told the traders delegation that the MMC is in the process of streamlining daily vendors and suggested meeting the Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza to solve the problem.

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