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The furniture traders continue even after the end of the feast fair period

Mapusa feast fair period ends, but furniture traders continue


MAPUSA : Mapusa Municipal Council has failed to follow its own resolution on Milagres feast fair period with furniture sellers continuing to occupy the road near the old Asilo hospital even after 10 days of the celebration of the feast.

The civic body had resolved that the Milagres feast fair would be restricted to 10 days and no further extension would be given unlike in the past.

On January 18, during the ordinary meeting of the council it was resolved to restrict the Bodgeshwar zatra to eight days and Milagres fair to 10 days and no extension would be allowed as it was pointed that furniture dealers continue to occupy roads for more than a month causing severe inconvenience to the motorists along the busy Asilo hospital stretch.

The annual church feast fair spreads from the church point upto the Alankar theater.  The fair stalls including the furniture vendors were given a period of 10 days and Wednesday was the last day of the fair.

The municipality on Thursday cleared the fair stalls from the church upto the Cine Alankar, but furniture dealers were still seen occupying the road.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the All Goa Furniture and Home Appliances Manufacturers and Traders Association had met the Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza urging him not to allow any extension to the furniture dealers and accordingly D’Souza had instructed MMC officials to clear all the stalls.

The association president Paresh Naik said that “we had requested the deputy chief minister not to allow the furniture traders to continue for more days and he directed the chairperson and chief officer to clear the stalls but the furniture dealers are still there selling their items.”

He said that “MMC should not allow exhibitions and sales in the town as it affects the business of local traders.”

When asked chairperson Sandip Falari whether any extension has been given to furniture traders, he said that “no extension has been given to them and they will have to vacate.”

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