Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Mapusa civic body to conduct survey of mobile towers 



The chief officer of Mapusa Municipal Council Clen Madeira has asked municipal inspectors to conduct a survey of all existing mobile towers which are operating in its jurisdiction and submit a report.

With an aim to bring more income to the municipal kitty, a survey of all mobile towers which are operating in Mapusa will be done to identify the number of towers with valid registration and are operating without paying taxes to the municipality. Currently there are around 40 mobile towers registered with the Mapusa municipality and revenue of around Rs 12 lakh is collected from the registered towers.

The chief officer Clen Madeira said, “The survey is being done as there are some owners of mobile towers who are not paying taxes. We want to recover taxes from various sources be it shops, mobile towers etc to increase the municipal revenue”.

Commenting on the need for a survey of mobile towers, Madeira said, “The owner of the mobile tower who rents out the tower to various mobile companies have to pay the municipality a one month rent”.

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