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For the past one year, actor Amod Mardolkar has been working on his project ‘Mantra tracks’, releasing track after track at regular intervals. NT BUZZ learns more

Mantra tracks for all


The Sanskrit stotra have been around for thousands of years. A few people have been making changes and recreating some parts of it to sound better or to understand these better. In his project ‘Mantra tracks’, actor Amod Mardolkar has put together 10 different mantras or stotra for people who want to listen to it early in the morning or at any other time of the day. “It is for all age groups, especially for the youth. I have tried to make changes in the music so that even they find it interesting to listen to.”

Mardolkar has been reading stotra for many years now. This particular project began when he decided to put one of his favourite stotra or mantra to music and share it with his friends to gauge their response. Gradually he began to do more tracks like this. “After I completed my fifth track I decided to have a separate YouTube channel which will have at least 11 tracks – 10 mantras and one Om meditation chanting,” says the Ponda-based Mardolkar, adding that he chose the mantras which were his favourites like Shiva Tandava Stotram which is created by his greatest devotee Ravana. He says: “I love Shiva and there is no particular procedure to follow him and even the word ‘follow’ is not for him. When it comes to Shiva there will be only immense love.”

Mardolkar has sung seven of these mantras. The other singers who have contributed to this are Gaurav Naik, Saishwari Naik, and Akash Mangueshkar. Five tracks were recorded at the Big Banner Entertainment Studio, Vasco and the other five tracks were recorded at Mangeshkar’s Studio, Ponda. The music has been done by founder, Voyage Projects, Arsalan Shaikh who lives in Mumbai and had worked for few years in Goa.

Mardolkar first uploaded the Namaskartha Mantra on Mahashivratri, followed by the others. The latest one to be uploaded is ‘Mahishasurmardini Stotra’. He will be uploading more mantras in the coming days.

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