Making the best use of indoor time

During the ongoing pandemic, dancer and teacher Hetal Gangani has been spending time with family and doing things she always wanted to. NT BUZZ details


The stressful situation outdoors has only made Hetal Gangani bond better with her family indoors. Living in a joint family, Gangani, who is a dancer and teacher (faculty of English) by profession says, that in the absence of house help, daily chores were distributed among the family members, but still seemed never ending.

“Evenings are the best time, where we escape to the terrace. While the kids play, elders indulge in quick workouts, yoga, etc. Given the trying situation, I consider myself fortunate to eat and laugh together even more with my family during the lockdowns. Also, we have had the most memorable times watching the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata,” says Gangani.

Besides this, she also managed to quickly tick off a few things from her wish list. One item on her list was to get into meditation and work thoroughly on her fitness as a dancer. “I take pride in saying that I have been doing both and there is no better feeling than when you can conquer your own mind,” she says. She also had the opportunity to attend a few webinars to get equipped with teaching online and used social media to guide parents with some activities they could do with their children at home during the lockdown. This apart, she could also catch up on some books she wanted to read and try her hand at cooking. However, she says, she misses her evening walks and meeting her friends without having to think twice.

And since teachers are now taking classes online, she states that while it has been difficult to emulate “a typical classroom experience”, teachers rose to the challenge. “We teachers did it; thereby setting an example to all our students not to give up even in the most challenging times,” says Gangani, a Gujarati born in Goa, who has been instrumental in teaching and promoting Gujarati folk dance in Goa in the last few years. “The enthusiasm of the warm people of Goa to learn the folk dance of Gujarat has been a great motivator for me to pursue my garba and dandiya workshop ‘Rhythm’ every year with growing participation. I feel at home on the stage and that’s where my love for talking takes me. I have been anchoring for state and national level cultural events for the past several years now,” she says. However, she is not really looking forward to conducting dance classes online. And she is not sure whether she will be able to conduct her dance workshops during Navratri this year. “But I am hoping things will get better by then,” she says. “Fingers crossed.”