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The ideal setting of Studio 365 in the scenic village of Goa Velha is presently playing host to an interesting printmaking workshop and residency. The workshop and residency (August 10 to August 16), which consists of seven artists, including Seema Kholi, the lady behind the setting up of the studio, is being curated by Lina Vincent. It centres on the theme of ‘Precip’ which comes from the word precipitation.

Having been established about six years ago, Studio 365 has already played host to three residencies in the past. In fact, Lina Vincent was the curator for one of the workshops last year. And it was then that Kohli first mentioned that she wanted to have a printmaking workshop too.

“Printmaking is something that I like doing. Also as the medium hasn’t been much explored, I thought it would be a great idea to invite artists over to the place to work together, share ideas and create something,” says Kohli.

The residency is looking at translating and devising new trajectories from Precip – to define mythologies surrounding our everyday and our contemporary status, while also harking back to the truths of life and death of the universe, and the ever essential water resource.

The idea behind the project is to encourage experimental art making practices and to facilitate research on the constant overlapping of different cultures and influences.

“We have different understandings about how a print is made, some artists use digital technology with traditional print making systems. They are also experimenting with different kinds of surfaces and non toxic materials. So within the sphere or printmaking itself a lot of experimental things are coming up,” explains Vincent.

On the other hand, many of the participating artists are also practicing other mediums of art like performance and painting. “What happens at a residency is that interactions happen and collaborations that can go beyond this can happen,” she says. She has also laid out a series of presentations that the artists will be making as well as facilitated public interactions with the artists.


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