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Make HSRP Hassle-Free

Implementing company must be asked to open more centres, hire more hands

It needed huge public resentment for the state government to act against Real Mazon India Pvt Ltd, the company entrusted with the task of fitting high security registration number plates (HSRPs) on vehicles. The government has issued a show cause notice to the company, asking why their bank guarantee of Rs 1 crore should not be forfeited for providing poor service. There were complaints about the way the company was handling HSRP fitting on vehicles. Vehicle owners had to wait for hours before their turn came, as the company had not hired enough people to handle the job. The work for fitting HSRP on a vehicle was not done quickly, and sometimes the tools would not work. Some workers hired by the company did their work shoddily, sometimes not even fixing the nuts and bolts properly. This was highly disgusting, as on the one hand, the government wanted HSRPs to be fitted on all new and old vehicles, and on the other, the company given the job was doing it in a primitive way. 

It was more than a decade ago that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had announced that all vehicles in the country would be fitted with HSRPs. The purpose of fitting HSRPs was to enable easier tracking of stolen vehicles. HSRP was to have a chromium-based hologram with a Chakra in blue on the top left-hand corner in the front and rear end of the vehicle, and permanent identification number (PIN) of a minimum of 10 digits on the bottom left-hand side. A hot stamping film technique was to be applied to bear the inscription ‘INDIA’ on the letters and the numerals of the licence number. HSRP was to be tamper-proof. An amendment to the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989 made it mandatory for all vehicles sold on or after April 1, 2019 to be pre-fitted with HSRP. The onus was on manufacturers and dealers to make sure that vehicles being sold were fitted with them. According to the notification of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, dealers were to be supplied with the HSRP (including the third registration mark) by the vehicle manufacturers, along with the manufactured vehicles, on or after the due date. The dealers were to then place a mark of registration on such plates and affix them on the vehicle. The HSRPs were to come with a 15-year guarantee. If the HSRP broke, withered or suffered any other natural damage within that time period, it would have to be replaced by the dealer who fitted it.

In some states, authorised car dealers fixed the HSRP satisfactorily. They also fixed a chromium-based hologram sticker on the windshield with the details of where the car was registered, the date of registration and more. These features were not a part of a car when it was bought earlier. Across the country new cars and two-wheelers can be seen plying on roads and highways. For various reasons, some political, some legal, HSRP was not implemented in Goa even from April 1, 2019 when the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways introduced rules mandating that all states comply with HSRP rules for new vehicles with effect from that date. When finally the state selected a company to do the job, it made a mess of it. The most common complaint against the company was the totally disorganized manner in which the work was being undertaken. The other major complaint was the small space hired by the company which made it difficult and uncomfortable for more than a few vehicles to be attended to. The third complaint was that the company had hired very few hands.

The company has been doing its work in a very disorderly manner. The owners of the company have shown no appreciation of the fact Goa has a very high number of vehicles. The state’s vehicle population equals its human population. The owners should have organized their work on a much larger scale, considering the number of vehicles to be attended to every day. They must be asked to open more centres and hire more technical hands to complete their job without wasting too much of a vehicle owner’s time.

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