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Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, people around the globe have been forced to spend their days confined to their homes locked away from everyday pleasures. NT KURIOCITY asked youngsters what they miss the most from the pre-coronavirus days

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the world seems to have undergone a dramatic change. Everything everywhere is different. In fact, the whole world itself seems to have gotten a break due to the devastating circumstances faced by almost the entire population of the world. Everyone is indoors and we sure seem to be missing a lot of things that we normally do during our daily lives, be it something as simple as taking a bus to work, or something as routine as going to college or going to a restaurant or going out at all! And we find ourselves missing these everyday rituals. We suddenly realise how precious these little pleasures actually are. On the plus side, it’s a welcome break for Mother Earth too, for she is healing from all the damage that we have been inflicting on her day in and day out. Yes, we are missing everything, but maybe it’s for a better future. Lives have changed, and the world won’t be the same anymore, everything will definitely change in the near future but then, let’s be positive. The world is healing and no healing can be complete without a little dose of bitter medicine. So we should all hang in there during this difficult phase with courage and perseverance for I believe, it’s actually a new beginning.

Ruchi Kamat, student, Goa College of Architecture, Althino 

This has been quite an experience for me; I can say I have stories to tell my kids of the dire situation that the world faced and I was witness to it. This lockdown has made me stay at home for a long time and for a person like me who is an explorer of new places it’s really a sad situation. I really miss my trips to different unknown places and most importantly I am missing all my amazing friends with whom I used to spend my days with and replenish myself with joy, endless talks, non-stop fun, and insane drama. 

Atul Fatania, Porvorim

I am missing my dear grandmother and her faithful dog, my cousins and my other relatives in my native town. I usually visit them at this time of the year. I had plans to play cricket, basketball, UNO card and enjoy cycling around with my cousins this summer but this is not possible now due to the lockdown. I even miss eating tasty food prepared by my grandmothers and my aunt. And I miss my friends with whom I enjoyed playing cricket and football every day during the summer holidays.

Anish Joseph, student, Regina Mundi High School, Vasco

I am missing my outings and picnics. I cannot even go out to play with my friends or go cycling. I do not like being inside the house all the time. I am also missing my football practices. Due to the quarantine, I am also not getting to eat my favourite chaat and spicy food. I enjoyed the first few days of lockdown as I got a break from school and homework. But now my parents keep telling me not to touch this or that, wash hands, use sanitiser, etc. 

Now we are just stuck at home, isolated from friends and the wider society.

Lenell Fernandes, student, St Joseph’s Institute, Vasco

I am missing a lot of my daily activities like going downstairs and playing with my friends and dad, going to the park, my swimming and dance classes. I also miss going to the beach and making sandcastles and rolling in the sand, playing with my dog outside, shopping trips with my parents. I miss my school friends, visiting my friends and playing with them. Amidst the virus, I am going to miss my annual vacation this year. 

Angel Satish Kamble, student, Kidzee Pre School, Dabolim

I am missing a lot of things, such as my tuitions and tuition friends. We had planned that after our 12th Board exams we would go for a small trip but that never happened. Besides, I miss street food dishes like shawarma, shev puri, Mumbai fast food, etc. 

Naqeeb Shaikh, student, MES Higher Secondary School, Zuarinagar

I miss a lot of things but most of all I miss my school friends. In school, our teachers had planned a fun week for us and now we are going to miss that. Also, this Easter I really missed going to my grandparents’ place in Divar. We were looking forward to my grandma’s delicious delicacies, spending time with her and my aunty. I am also missing family outings and going to the swimming pool.

Christabel Rodrigues, student, St Andrew’s School ICSE, Vasco

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