Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Luizinho: Centre should consider amending 10th Schedule



The former chief minister Luizinho Faleiro, on Saturday, said that the central government should consider amending the 10th Schedule, of the Constitution thereby banning an elected representative from joining the other party by deserting the party on whose ticket he or she is elected till the end of the term.

“Now, that the BJP is working on Congress- mukta Bharat and promoted defection in Goa. It is happening in Karnataka and all over NorthEast since the BJP is in power. At least for the future generations, there is a need to nip this trouble in the bud,” said

He said that once a person is elected on the ticket of a particular party, he or she should continue to be with the party till the end of the term, and if he or she defects then the person should be disqualified and should not be allowed to contest for the rest of the term.

He said that if a loophole in the 10th Schedule is plugged then this scourge of defection will stop, and added that defections are illegal and immoral and undemocratic.

Meanwhile, Faleiro refused to comment on the recent defection of 10 MLAs from the party, and just said that he has distanced himself from the affairs of the state party unit and clarification should be sought from the state president or others.

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