Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Long queues at Margao sub-registrar office as staff posted on census duty


A long queue was witnessed at the office of the sub-registrar Margao, births and deaths section on Wednesday as most of the staff have been posted by the government on census duty.
According to an official, “We have just three staff while the rest have been deputed for census work. There is no peon to find out the records from the record room. The one who was deputed by the department of Archives was also transferred. There is no continuity in this office. We see long queues in the office and we bow our heads in shame.”
“We are now clearing the applications from December 10, 2015. Imagine how many applications are pending,’’ the official said.
When this reporter visited the births and deaths registration section, there was a long queue. A couple of senior citizens expressed their ire for visiting the office a number of times. Sunita Naik said that the government must intervene and appoint more staff immediately.
The sub registrar C Pissurlekar said, “People come to me and accuse me unknowingly.”
When the director of Planning, Statistics and Evaluation Anand Sherkhane was contacted for his comments, he said the problem only occurs in Margao. He said, “My staff is given additional duties of census. The situation may improve only after January 23, the day the census will be completed.”
He said digitalisation of the records is being done by the department of Archives and his department is trying to take the custody of the records.

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