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Locked down. But the art continues


The whole country is under complete lockdown for 21 days (until April 14), a step taken to break the chain of coronavirus. While people are at home for the time being, youngsters especially are using this time to get creative. And so Abhinav Creationz has decided to tap into this art talent and has initiated a campaign – ‘Go Corona – Creative Rahona’.

“Corona may have created an uncertain environment around, but it is teaching us a lot and we better understand these lessons,” says partner, Abhinav Creationz, Anwesha Singbal.

She adds that one needs to understand that children are the most affected lot in today’s times. “They have absolutely no say in what is happening around and would be subjected to whatever we do with them. While corona may pass off, the habits that we shape in them today won’t. And if we complain about how they refuse to get away from screens after some years, let us understand, it’s all because we decided this for them!”

Under the ‘Go Corona – Creative Rahona campaign, the organisation has requested people to send them videos of creative ideas that they are working on along with their children. These will then be published on their Facebook page. “I am sure we all are digging into new ideas. Let us share them with all and create a better future for our kids in these trying times,” says Singbal.

Anyone can participate in the campaign but since it is largely focused on children, Singbal says they would appreciate people encouraging children to do things differently and send them the videos.

In fact, ever since they began the campaign, a couple of days ago, they have already received several videos. The videos have children playing, dancing, helping in the kitchen, painting, sending messages for a better world, etc.

Singbal goes on to say that this whole exercise isn’t about winning and losing. Rather, it is about collectively creating a better environment for everyone in these troubled times. “The atmosphere itself is much different than the usual one today. We just want to help in contributing to the mental well-being of everyone. I think campaigns like these can help us stay bonded and think differently. Isolation will affect all of us mentally since most of us are not used to being confined to homes like these,” she says. And since this is a campaign more than a contest, she states that there might not have first and second prize. “We might send prizes to all those who participate at the end of it,” she says.

Further, she believes the participants can gain a lot of positive energy and a collective approach to the present situation. “Everyone is already appreciating each other’s videos and gaining a sense of unity from it. It is important for all of us to know that we all are sailing in the same ship and hence we need to collectively rise together. This campaign is an attempt towards it. Also, since the children are the most affected lot we have to deal properly with them,” she says.

She further says that cell phones and television might seem like the best option to keep the children occupied, but it is dangerous in the long run. “We need to find new means and ways to indulge our children and I am sure that this exchange can be very healthy for all of us,” she says.

Singbal also cautioned people to follow all the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government guidelines as they come. Isolation is the key for now, she says. “Stay home and strictly follow this. Let us not bargain with any directions that the government is giving presently. Let us together fight this out together,” she says.

(Send the videos on 9923442746 along with your name and child’s name. The entries will be uploaded on the Facebook page:

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