Thursday , 20 February 2020
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Villagers cross Sacrevol rivulet using ropes to go to Chaudi town. 

Locals of Asali hamlet cross rivulet using ropes 



With monsoons filling up the Sacrevol rivulet located about 1 km away from Canacona police station villagers are forced to cross the rivulet with nylon ropes in order to reach their destination. 

When this correspondent visited this rivulet it was witnessed how a villager tied a rope on one bank of the rivulet and made his way across the waters to tie the rope to the tree on the other bank of the rivulet.

Six villagers then crossed the rivulet amongst whom was a 10-year old girl student on her way to school.

Panglo Velip, a 63-year-old villager with a hint of a smile said that he has been crossing this rivulet since his childhood using sticks and ropes. But the villagers fear for their children who have to cross this rivulet to reach school.

“Many a time our children don’t attend school during heavy rains as it poses danger of being swept away by the strong currents,” said Tulshi Velip, a woman from Asali.

“When the children cross the rivulet, the elders have to carry their bags. Also their uniforms get wet while crossing, the rivulet” she said. 

Besides the students, villager residents have to regularly tread this way to buy the commodities and to sell their produce in the local market. 

This route being the only way to connect to Chaudi town, every year villagers make this temporary arrangement to solve their problems. 

As villagers face this problem every year, local MLA Isidore Fernandes has taken the initiative to build a box culvert to relieve the villagers of the hardships they endure in the monsoons.

Though the estimate for the 15m box culvert costing around Rs 35 lakh was in the process of passing, sources at PWD informed that the file was held up due to the objection of a land owner on one side of the rivulet. 

Locals who were crossing the rivulet at that moment expressed their views that the government is spending thousands of crore in urban areas and request the government to spend at least some amount to provide basic infrastructure to their village. 

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