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Local vegetables in demand in state markets

The local vegetables which make their way, especially from village fields to various markets of the state are in demand, discovers Bhiva P Parab

The demand for the locally grown vegetables is good in the state markets and these days variety of local vegetables could be seen sold by the vendors. The leafy vegetables like like mulo, gadde or naaba, chavali palo and tambdi bhaji make their way from fields, especially from in and around the hamlets to various markets of the state.

A vegetable vendor from Mapusa market said that usually in the local village markets or on the roadsides the vendors sell various locally grown vegetables.  Some around five pieces of mulo are priced at Rs 20 or sometimes bunches are sold priced Rs 10 or Rs 20 depending on the size, while tambdi bhaji another vegetable which is commonly grown in the state is sold in bunches is also priced Rs 10 to 20 per bunch, however the price differs from place to place and in market like Panaji the same quantity of these vegetables may be priced higher than the village markets. Then there is gadde or naaaba vegetable which is priced at Rs 10 to 15 a piece, while the shegul leaves are sold at Rs 10 per small branch.

The vendor went on to say that recently variety of local vegetables have started entering the various markets of the state and there is quite good demand for these local vegetables and the rates vary according to the demand and supply of the vegetables and we have to make some profit after selling the vegetables and this profit is our earning for the day, so naturally when we incur higher cost at the source the rate will be higher at the markets also and these days the rates of vegetables coming from outside the state and locally grown vegetables is high, however it is not that the rates will remain high forever, they go on fluctuating.

“The prices of vegetables it may be locally grown or those coming from outside the state have gone high in the markets of the state. The local vegetables prices varies according to the quality and size and the prize also depends on the quantity available, the demand for the vegetables in the market is also a factor which determines price and the local vegetables are quite in demand in the state and so there is quite good rate for the vegetables,” said a vendor, and added, “Some people especially ask for the local vegetables which are locally grown, especially in the village areas and they like to eat these vegetables and there could be varied reasons for buying these vegetables, however in the city markets in the state the vegetables are little costly than the local village markets as there is also transportation cost which adds to it and so the price of the vegetables increases in the city.”

The major supply of vegetables into the state invariably comes from Belgaum, in fact Goa is entirely dependent on Belgaum for the procurement of their daily need of vegetables, however slowly this scenario is changing, according to the sources Goa has slowly started expanding its base in horticulture cultivation. The local vegetable growers are doing profitable business. The import of vegetables from Belgaum is on rise when local production is not upto the mark but when the locally grown vegetables are available several people prefer to go for the locally grown vegetables.

“I feel local vegetables are very good for health as they are grown with hardly any use of pesticides  and these local vegetables have been eaten by generations and now we are losing these local vegetables due to fast development due to which fields are getting destroyed and earlier during our younger days during this time of the year we were dependent on some wild vegetables and locally grown vegetables and these vegetables from outside Goa has been coming to the markets of the state in the recent years,” said an elderly woman who has been eating various local vegetables for years.

It may be noted that some village people   grow local vegetables and sell it directly in the markets or they sell it to the regular vendors who sell their products in the various markets of the state and if they sell the vegetables directly in the markets they get more money.

A vegetable vendor from Mandrem said that nowadays the variety of local vegetables  have started entering the Mandrem market as these days these vegetables are grown on large land and there is a quite good demand for these vegetable and she said the prices of local vegetables vary according to the demand and supply and those vegetables coming from outside the state cost more so people prefer the local edible plants in their regular menu and the cost of these local vegetables in Pernem markets is less compared to the city markets like Mapusa and Panaji.

The vendor went on to say that getting local vegetables large quantities is difficult as their production done  by the local farmers in small quantities and so mostly the vegetables varieties are available in small quantities, however there is quite a good demand for these vegetables and during the and during this festive time the demand for the vegetables which forms part of the food increases and are priced higher than the normal days.

Goa have the scope to cultivate good quality vegetables and at the moment the farmers are busy cultivating vegetables like bottle gourd, cluster beans, chilies, cucumbers, brinjals, lady fingers, tomatoes and leafy vegetables etc  and some local farmers sell vegetables such as brinjals and cucumbers directly to the customers due to the want of good rates as they make more money by selling them on their own direct to the customers.

The vegetables form part of a healthy diet and are good source of vitamins and minerals and the vegetables which are locally grown apart from being tasty are also healthy and Goa which is a state blessed with natural beauty is also blessed with fertile soil in which variety of local vegetables are grown and during this time in the various markets of the state local vegetables are found being sold by vendors.

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