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‘Local entrepreneurs can change Goa’s touristy image’

Mapusa-based mobile tech firm ‘Mobobeat’ is one of the latest companies to emerge from Goa’s start-up ecosystem. 27-year-old Tyrone D’souza, managing director and partner, talks about the company he founded, the growing market for mobile advertising in India and his idea of making Goa a business hub

by Team B&C

Q:Why did you base your company in Goa?

Building a business in Goa is rewarding but also challenging. In my years of travelling across the globe for work, I found that there is no other place offering the quality of life that my home state has. Mobobeat was launched in November 2014. The biggest challenge of setting up base here was finding quality talent. Finding candidates with the desired skill set and experience was difficult. So I had to look for outside candidates. But good candidates were apprehensive about relocating to Goa since ours is a start-up. I believe that local entrepreneurs like me can change Goa touristy image and make it known as a hub for business. Young Goans will not have to move out in search of jobs if tech-based companies come up here.


Q: Tell us about your professional experience prior to Mobobeat.

Prior to starting Mobobeat, I was working in Bangalore for InMobi, a global mobile ad network. The company gave me invaluable experience in several areas. I had the opportunity of working on field in China and Singapore and was instrumental in building InMobi’s China business. After learning the in and outs of the mobile advertising industry for four years I launched Mobobeat in collaboration with a Spanish company.


Q: What does Mobobeat actually do?

Mobobeat is a mobile performance network. We work with advertisers like say Snapdeal who is promoting their app, on the other end there is an app developer who wants to earn money through ads.  We call him our publisher (like typical newspapers in traditional media). Through Mobobeat as a serving platform, we match both the advertiser and publisher. We are different from other ad networks since they work on a cost per click model, whereas we work on a cost per install model which is a performance-based model. i.e. the advertiser  pays only for results. This is risk-free for the advertiser as compared to paying for ad views or clicks in case of traditional ad networks. Mobobeat’s intelligent ad serving algorithm matches the demand and supply. We have offices in Spain and Goa, serving advertisers across the globe.


Q: Comment on the market potential for mobile advertising in India and abroad.

Mobile usage all over the world is increasing with the global market size in 2015 estimated at $64 billion. By 2018, the market is projected to touch $158 billion. Most of the growth is in smartphones which makes mobile advertising one of the fastest growing industries. Mobobeat is also growing and expanding at a rapid pace. Our focus countries currently are India, South East Asia and Brazil. Of them, India is the fastest growing. We work with e-commerce and mobile first companies. Some of the apps we have promoted include Quickr, OLX, Jabong, Flipkart, Ola Cabs and others. We drive close to 20,000 installs a day in India alone.


Q: What is the size of your company?

In Goa, we are a team of five members and in Spain we are 10-member team. Our sales team is in Goa and product team in Spain. The company size is set to expand because we are on the lookout for young and bright individuals.


Q: What are your competitive advantages vis-à-vis number of upcoming mobile tech companies?

Firstly, we work only on cost per install basis – which means that advertisers pay only for performance or results, which is installs in this case. This is virtually risk-free for advertisers. Another popular trend is app developers not only want installs but engagement too. We have worked with game developers who wanted a completion of a level or in game tutorial. In case of e-commerce client, we engage in an account creation.


Q: How do your promote your company and reach out to clients?

We have a sales team that targets potential clients over Linkedin or other popular social media channels and forums. Besides this, we also attend mobile ad tech events and developer conferences across the globe. This year we attended events in Las Vegas, Amsterdam and St Petersburg.


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