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Local business keen on coming on board

In August 9 206, the ministry of commerce and industry launched the government e marketplace (GeM) to replace the public procurement wing called the directorate general of supplies and disposals (DGS&D.

The purpose of GeM, the national public procurement portal is to do away with the tender procurement system and replace it with a modern system based on technology. The portal is aimed at making government purchases of goods and services completely transparent, efficient and open.

Any seller, be it large or small, a limited company or an MSME, a dealer, etc., can be a part of GeM by registering on the portal. While only the purchase side only government departments and public sector undertakings are buyers as of now. A glance at the GeM website reveals that, automobiles, computers, passenger vehicles and office furniture are the top product categories, while in services, security, cloud, catering, human resource, vehicle hiring are the top categories.

The software for GeM is being upgraded constantly to make it glitch free. Many states now buy goods such as laptops, car rental services, and medicines on the GeM portal. There are 27 states that have signed an MOU with the center for using GEM although Goa does not have an MOU as of now.

Goa as of now has a small presence in GeM but chat with dealers and small businesses across the state reveals a growing interest in becoming a part of the portal. Most Goan dealers view the portal as an opportunity to scale up and increase sales. The government everywhere is the largest purchaser of goods and services and local dealers are eager to tap the opportunity offered from government departments.

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