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Local bakers gear up for Easter business

Easter eggs brings in the festivity mood and are a craze among the kids. Some of the Easter eggs sold in pastry shops and bakeries are really eye catching. They come in fancy shapes and stand out from the regular oval shaped eggs. The festival also sees brisk sales of hot-cross buns.

According to Vincent Dias, owner, Cremeux chain, “About 90 per cent of Easter sales are backed by walk-in customers rather than prior orders. We do not experience a boom as witnessed during the seasonal month like December but the two days post good- Friday are definitely important to generate sales for the month”.

The pricing of the eggs start from Rs 20 and can go up to Rs 1200 depending on the size and the kind of stuffing used inside the eggs. “I have made chocolate hens stuffed with mini chocolate eggs inside to give a twist,” says Anoushka Sequeira, owner, Sugarlicious Bake Store, St Inez, who has already received around 10 orders for Easter eggs.

Sequeira reveals that, during Easter her focus is on making chocolate based eggs that are more appealing to the kids as most customers buy these delicious treats to gift.“ I make a batch of around five-six fast-moving eggs and later make fresh ones on order basis. I have to maintain backup stock to cater to the last minute rush as Easter eggs are generally a last minute buy.”

The outer coating of the egg is either made either of pure chocolate or marzipan, a mixture of almond and cashew nut paste that is painted once hardened to give an attractive look . Marzipan eggs are usually decorated with colored piping with birds and wishes for the occasion.

Apart from the eggs, bakers in the state also get busy kneading the dough for popular hot cross buns. The special bun is spiced sweet with raisins and marked with a white cross on the top. The price of the bun starts from Rs15 and will start making an appearance in stores in the next three-four days. “The bread is in high demand during the holy week as it is made especially for Maundy Thursday and is kept in stock for sale till Easter,” says Antonio Rodrigues, owner, Snows Bakery, having five outlets in south Goa.

He adds that, the mini bun is supplied to churches across Goa to be distributed during the Maundy Thursday mass and post the Easter mass as well in some churches. “However very few bakers in the state make the authentic bun due to shortage of trained lobour,” discloses Rodrigues.

Antonette Fernandes, owner, Pascoal Bakery, Mapusa, says that, shortage of local labor is a major reason why the traditional hot cross bun is less available in stores. “We had to discontinue making the bread this year as there is a shortage of local labor who can follow the special recipe required to prepare it,” says Fernandes. She adds that, she purchased a lesser quantity of almonds and cashew nuts to make the eggs for this Easter as the overall demand for bakery products is flat.

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