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Calangute MLA and NGPDA chairman Michael Lobo explaining about Regional Plan during a press conference held on Saturday

Lobo: Calangute villagers being misled on ‘settlement zones’




Calangute MLA and NGPDA chairman Michael Lobo, on Saturday, hit out at the opposition for “misleading” the villagers on the conversion of fields and hills, as regard the settlement zones shown in the ODPs of Calangute and Candolim.

Lobo was addressing a press conference to clarify on   how the opposition was “misleading the locals.”

A call was given to the villagers by St Alex Church on Monday to participate in a march over the issue of ODP – ‘conversion’ of a part of hill and fields near a convent at Bonviage.

The Calangute MLA said that as per Regional Plan 2011, that was drawn during the rule  of Congress government, Bonviage at Mortan Hill has been shown as a settlement zone. But in the ODP only a part of the hill has been shown as a settlement zone, he added.

He said that only the communidade fields have been shown as settlement zones, to be utilized for the construction of  power sub-station, PHC, bus stand and  community hall.

He said that the NGPDA has taken on record the land use, and added that some people have carried out constructions, and are using the ground floor for  residential purpose and other floors for commercial purpose.

He further said that while constructing the houses people have increased the FAR, which is illegal.

“A fine will be imposed, besides infrastructure and NGPDA charges will also be recovered while regularising the illegal houses,” he added.

Lobo said that due to the objection raised by over 200 farmers, a proposal for the construction of 25-metre wide road, from Baga to Sinquerim, running through the fields has been cancelled.

He said that the opposition created a false picture about  the proposed road, “the construction of which is the need of the hour.”

Speaking further, the Calangute MLA  said that “the Regional Plan 2011 shows the hill near Bonviage in Calangute as a settlement zone. If the people do not want the ODP, then we will stick to the Regional Plan 2011.”


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