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Live healthy with microgreens

Microgreens have become the latest trend of healthy living and Goa will host a workshop on microgreens today, February 19. The workshop will be conducted by Savio Souza from The Green Education Organisation (GEO) who will speak about the benefits of microgreens and the pros of growing them at home. NT BUZZ brings you the details
The world is fast moving to make the concept of ‘green living is healthy living’ a reality. Green vegetables have proved to have a significant benefit on health and this has encouraged many to take up on a green diet or go vegan. Promoting the concept of microgreens as a healthy intake in our daily meals the Green Education Organisation founded by Savio Souza highlights its advantages.
Microgreens are just regular greens grown and harvested in just two weeks or less from the time the first set of leaves appear. One can make delicious smoothies, salads, use them as garnish on dishes or simply have them plain. Microgreens contain 40 times the nutritional value of regular vegetables. With a very high density of phytonutrients at the nascent stage of their life, they are considered as super foods. “A variety of veggies can be grown as microgreens such as radish, mustard, red amaranth, spinach, sunflower and many more that would not do well as mature vegetables. Basically the range is wider and you can virtually grow them all year around,” says Savio.
The cultivation of regular crops have a limited range because of the Goan climate, however one can easily grow microgreens and have access to fresh and organic produce on a consistent basis. “Traditionally the Goan diet does not contain a lot of fresh greens and growing your own will definitely encourage the average Goan family to inculcate this healthy habit into their lifestyle,” says Savio. He further adds: “The true beauty of microgreens is that most varieties can be ready of harvest in a week’s time. This has made them increasingly popular with urbanites that are used to a culture of instant everything.”
Speaking about what was the impetus behind GEO he says: “It all started when we were struck with a family tragedy losing my mother to cancer and that was a wakeup call to understand why certain food choices cause certain diseases. The shocking state of our food today has created an organic revolution worldwide and GEO was started to spread awareness of how to grow organic food in urban spaces with a special focus on microgreens which just about anyone can learn to grow once they learn some basics.”
With the budding market there arises a need for microgreens that foster a healthy living. Speaking about the benefits of growing your own microgreens instead of relying on the market to get your supplies Savio says: “The need can be two fold. One is to actually help the environment and eat as local as possible, a concept as food miles vs food feet.” Adding to that he says: “Unfortunately a lot of food that comes from far off places are heavily treated to preserve them and ridden with pesticides to increase their shelf life. The other reason is that it can be very therapeutic, connecting one to nature and creating a holistic experience for individuals engaging in such activities with their family or by themselves.”
Savio through this workshop aims to promote microgreens as a daily food in the Goan diet, he says: “We have not only been blessed by the overwhelming response to our workshops in our home city but also having reached out to keen urban farming pan India as we continue to grow. In addition to that we are also involved with our network partners in turnkey projects and also work in schools and the commercial kitchens promoting the growing and selling of organic food.”

(The workshop on microgreeens by Savio Souza will be held on February 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Creative Impressions, Taliegao. For details call 9822127845.)

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