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Nothing is noticed first on a woman’s face more than her lips. The lips speak a language all their own and it is the lips that are the centre of attraction after the eyes on a woman’s face. The right way to apply lipstick for different lip shapes and to take care of the lips is very important. There are different lip shapes so one must be aware of which shade needs to be applied with what kind of lipstick. Lipsticks come in various kinds – the tube, liquid or cream. Select the one that suits you the best.


Thin lips need to be made to look fuller. Here one can apply a dark lip liner to outline the lips a little outside the natural lip line and then fill them up with a lighter shade so that the lips look fuller. One can also apply the lipstick a little outside the natural line of the lips. Darker colours will suit thin lips since they have to identified and seen properly. A light coloured lipstick will further make the lips look thin and almost unnoticeable.


These are considered very sexy and many women prefer to highlight them even further by wearing a dark shade or lipstick. But if you are keen on making them look smaller then it is good to outline the lips in a lighter shape of lip liner and then fill it with a slightly darker shade of can even apply the lipstick inside the lip line to give the illusion of thin lips.


The lip liner is a very important part of the look when it comes to the lips. It can be either a pencil one or a creamy one, which can be applied with a brush. Whichever one you like makes sure that it is well sharpened and the lip brush is clean when applying the liner


Keeping the lips in good condition it is necessary to keep them soft and a lip balm does the trick. Apply a lip balm as often as you want. They come in different colours and flavours so you can take the right one.


Glossy shining lips are the order of the day and women like to show them off with transparent lip gloss or one that is shining with either a gold or silver tinge in them. Many lip glosses also have a variety of shades so pick the one that is most comfortable and long lasting and does not need frequent touch-ups..

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