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‘Lion King’


‘Lion King’, the new tiatr by Franky Gonsalves is a tale of two brothers. This is his maiden venture and he has come up with a nice show.

The curtain opens on a father lodging a complaint in a Mumbai police station. His daughter has gone missing. The next act has Kapus, a waiter in a restaurant trying to serve a glass of water to King, who is sitting at one of the tables. A proposal has been arranged for King by the waiter and both await the father and daughter. All goes well till King stands up. There is lots of commotion, as the heartless father and daughter insult and abuse King, who is a dwarf. Later as the friends share the sadness near a lake, a frightened young girl runs to them, seeking help. A migrant goon is after her and it is obvious he has ulterior motives. King handles the goon and the local cop who reaches there warns the goon and gets rid of him. King is ready to give the girl shelter and calls her Celina, as she is mentally unwell and has forgotten her name. The two fall in love. But there is more, as Lion makes an entry. Watch the show to know the outcome.

The tiatr has a good plot and is presented quite well. The sets by Anthony de Ambajim look good and light effects from Inas are timely. The band plays good music and Sally entertains in a big way in the comedy. There is a fine dance sequence, rarely seen on the Konkani stage, by Sheena with

The dwarf character played by Franky as King, is superb. It is not easy to do that role and involves plenty of hard work and even pain. Very well done! Newcomer Jennifer does well as the girl who has lost her memory and Sheena is graceful as the Canadian Goan. Mario Menezes makes a tough cop and Vishal is aptly cast as the goon. Comedian Agnelo is amusing as ‘Kapus’ and creates laughter in the main story. Reema is the bride in the first act while Jose de Velim plays her father. Guru plays a variety of small roles, including the Mumbai cop. Some editing is required in the long drawn comedy performed by Joanna, Humbert and John D’Silva. However, Sally is great and gets the maximum laughs as he cries ‘Ami gorib mure……’

The band has Shannon (trumpet), Nazareth (saxophone), John (drums), Presley (bass) and Angelo (keyboard). The music packs a punch and is good to hear. Sheena renders the opening song well. There are other songs from Marcus Vaz, Xavier, Francis de Tuem, Rosario, Joana, Humbert, Agnelo, etc. A solo by Lawry on loneliness and another by Movin on God’s power, stand out. Watch this show!

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