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Lexus unveils new generation RX 450hL in hybrid electric mode

Luxury car manufacturer, Lexus India unveiled the hybrid electric model of RX450hL, its flagship luxury SUV introduced in 1998. The RX is available for booking from this month. In its fourth generation now, the car boasts of an additional third row seating, and an elegant exterior, combined with a highly functional interior. It is priced at Rs 99 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

  The RX 450hL exterior retains its previous appearance, while the character line that runs from the front of the vehicle to the rear has been changed slightly to give the vehicle’s overall appearance more flow and consistency. The changes in the exterior reflect Lexus’ new design language. The car is BS VI compliant and a self-charging hybrid electric.

  Speaking on the launch, P B Venugopal, president, Lexus India, said “RX 450hL is a self-charging hybrid electric vehicle that offers luxury, space, quietness, craftsmanship and elevates the senses with every moment of the journey. The improved technology, design and attractive pricing will surely make RX 450hL a desirable car for our discerning guests. We take the introduction of the new car as our continued commitment to the Indian market and a valued addition to our existing line of offerings.”

  According to the company one of the biggest changes to RX is to the suspension and increased body rigidity. Lexus Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato, said that, the car delivers pleasurable driving experience through agile handling. “The improved handling creates a unity with the vehicle through its steering response and ride comfort. It was realized by making a lightweight, high rigidity body structure from hot-stamp, high-tensile steel and aluminum with strategically positioned reinforcements. Extensive use of spot welds and body adhesives and advanced production technologies including laser screw welding.

  RX features active cornering assist (ACA) which results in a truly linear steering feel, allowing the car to accurately trace the desired driving line in all types of conditions. The redesigned shock absorbers are now equipped with a new friction control device (FCD) which further reduces high- frequency vibrations caused by minute road surface imperfections. The shock absorbers also enable the SUV to conduct flat cornering and achieve exceptional responsiveness.

  The passionately designed RX450hL boasts of a comfortable theater style seating that allows excellent visibility to occupants in each successive row. The futuristic design of the distinctive 3-eye, energy-efficient L-shaped LED lamps with integrated LED DRL creates a signature Lexus arrowhead-shaped illumination. The advanced LED turn signal lamps illuminate sequentially from the inner side to the outside of the headlamps. LED lamps integrated into the front bumper reduce power consumption while providing a bright beam, allowing excellent visibility for safe driving during night.

  The car features a new touch-display screen in addition to the original remote touch interface. Besides this, smartphone usage is also incorporated into the design, with a new phone holder and USB port, plus connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The system also allows voice control via native cloud connection, or customers’ phones to Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Similarly owners can also select either Lexus navigation or smart phone versions for  navigating.

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