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Pampered Government Employees

It is reported that Minister Vinod Playekar on a surprise visit to the Margao Gogol  Water Resources Department office, issued memos to the absentee staff including executive engineer. The movement register was improperly maintained and non working biometric machine was found tampered with and simply re-connected. In the Rawanfond WRD office he also found staff not in their seats. The non working lift due to low voltage was revived by asking the executive engineer to switch off his air conditioner! The pampered government employees have been guilty of dereliction of duty for so long that it has become an unbreakable habit due no transparency and accountability nor deterrent action possible due the mindset of “Ruling” and not “Serving” prevalent in the government from top down. This is routinely suffered by the public and apparent when Ministers (new brooms) pay surprise visits.  The government employees have many facilities, are comparatively well paid but are not time bound nor result oriented! The 7th Pay commission will pamper them further. When will we be surprised to find some positive lasting change in public interest?

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim


Monitoring Zoo Environment

It is sad to note that tigress Sandhya, the sole big cat in the state’s only zoo at Bondla died a ‘natural’ death. The tigress may have died of natural causes since she had gone old as she lived for 14 years which is equivalent to 75 years of human life. But what is equally sad is that the tigress died a lonely death. It is understood that the tiger Rana died in December last year at the age of little over 16 years and that the forest department was in talks with the authorities of the Biological Park in Mangalore for a partner for Sandhya. Rana and Sandhya had arrived in Goa in July 2009 from Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Vizag. If the partner for Sandhya was made available in quick time the tigress would have probably lived longer. Wild animals do need a partner as they can be very emotional and the loneliness they have to suffer in the absence of a partner can many a times kill them. Study has reportedly shown that some animals actually show a devotion to their partners so great that they put their relationship above even the most basic of their own needs, such as food. It is understood that tigress Sandhya had stopped eating a few days before her death. Probably loneliness played a role in her staying away from food. While looking after the wild life besides providing them with proper food it is also important to look after the emotional aspect as well.



Promote Konkani In Goa Rather In Portugal

It was inspiring that during the visit of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Portugal last week several agreements were signed including the one on the establishment of a Chair of Indian Studies at the University of Lisbon and development of a Hindi-Portuguese dictionary. In this regard former external affairs minister Eduardo Faleiro of the Congress has suggested that Goans residing in Portugal have expressed their desire to remain connected to their cultural roots and accordingly want facilities to be set up in Portugal to study Konkani language there, and has urged our government to take action in this regard. It is encouraging that our people want to remain ingrained with the land through the mother tongue, and rightly so, for language is one link that keeps the people united and this spirit needs to be appreciated. The moment is apt to recall the Medium of Instruction issue that has been plaguing the state for so many years with the successive governments, to meet their selfish ends, only digressing from the rightful path. Why is it that the governments in Goa have deviated from the national policy and discouraged the promotion of the mother tongue in primary education by extending grants to those schools having English as the medium of instruction? On one hand we hear of different inconsequential moves initiated by the government to promote primary education in mother tongue and on the other some 130 plus Church run primary schools are extended grants despite having English as the medium of instruction. It is being repeatedly told to us that even the United Nations have recommended that it is best for the child to have the first education in the regional language/mother tongue. Aren’t we then contradicting not just the national but even the international norms on primary education? There is no point in just having Konkani as one subject from class I. The medium of instruction at the primary level should be in Konkani/Marathi/regional language and English if needed can be kept as a separate language right from class I. Only such a move can keep the child rooted in the language of the land. Let us wait and see what the much publicised Committee constituted by the government on MoI has to enlighten us upon!


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