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CHOGM Road Needs Urgent Attention

Road-widening works on CHOGM road was undertaken  a year ago  and has been left in an unfinished state. Occasionally, some patchwork repairs are done which serve no useful purpose, as the road is soon back to square one. There are many stretches along the road riddled with potholes, craters and puddles filled with rainwater that pose a danger to motorists and two wheelers in particular, a few of which have gone for a toss. Vehicles are also parked on the widened portions of the road defeating the very purpose of road-widening for the smooth flow of traffic. Secondly, due to the absence of speed breakers , pedestrian crossings, traffic  signals and road dividers, CHOGM road is now a virtual hell for motorists, and pedestrians who are unable to cross the road. Rain water drains are also choked at some places  resulting in flooding and traffic jams. The situation is getting from bad to worse and needs urgent attention.

A F Nazareth, Porvorim

Dealing With Stray Cattle And Dog Problem

At the Goa State Animal Welfare Board meeting held on June 9 and presided over by Chief Minister Mannohar Parrikar, the Director of Animal Husbandry presented a report on the implementation of welfare schemes introduced by the Government last year to deal with problems associated with stray dogs and stray cattle. It was shocking to find that out of the 186 village panchayats, 13 municipalities and one Corporation which are all entitled to obtain grants through the Animal Husbandry department under these two schemes, only 10 village panchayats and one municipal council (Mormugao) had availed of the Stray Dogs Scheme and none had taken advantage of the scheme till date. Those who have received grants are the Mormugao MC and the village panchayats of Chicalim, Sancoale, Verna, Cortalim, Bogmalo, Nagoa, Velsao, Majorda (Mormugao taluka) and Pomburpa and Penha-da-Franca (Bardez taluka). There is also an Anti-Rabies Vaccination Scheme that is being implemented by Mission Rabies with Govt aid, under which a total of 1,57,742 stray, free roaming and pet dogs have been vaccinated by the Mission Rabies team during the past 2 years. Incidence of rabies in the state has come down sharply.  It necessary to inform the public that despite finance being made available by the State Government to deal with problems that people face regarding proliferation of stray dogs, and stray cattle, the local self governing bodies are remiss.

Norma Alvares, Panaji


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