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Regaining A Lost Paradise
The letter ‘Transforming Goa into a Paradise’ by Cajetan Peter D’Souza (NT, January 24) should have read ‘Regaining a lost paradise.’ This is the sad state of affairs in our once beloved Goa and paradise on earth, due to the unbridled and reckless policies of successive governments in Goa. Not only have we witnessed systematic destruction of our beautiful beaches with overflowing garbage, stray dogs and cattle ruminating over garbage bins, but also uncontrolled mining activities, which have destroyed the environment and polluted our water bodies. Our land has been sold to outsiders, illegal structures have sprung up and regularised and development continues in violation of CRZ and building norms and without a regional plan in place. The list is endless. People in Goa voted the BJP to power in the 2012 assembly election after they were tired and sick of the previous Congress government. Today, after five years, people are also fed up of the BJP and seek a change for the better. The forthcoming assembly election in the state is a golden opportunity for the people of Goa to make the right choice of candidates and party and restore the past glory of Goa.
A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim

Absurd Demand of Apology from Portugal PM
In recent times, it has become a trend for publicity-hungry individuals to demand apologies from all sorts of personalities for perceived wrongs committed centuries or decades ago in the past. The most recent unpalatable such demand came from a political party demanding an apology from the visiting Prime Minister of Portugal. Goa can boast of one of the best conceived community land management institutions – ‘the communidade,’ one of the best land record systems, birth, death and marriage record systems, a uniform civil code and many more such things. All these systems were instituted and established by the pre-Liberation regime. Post Liberation, some of these good systems that had been established have been lying in tatters due to acts of commission and omission by individuals and groups of persons to fulfil greed and desires. A demand for an apology coming from a party which had nearly successfully destroyed Goa and the Goan people by attempting to hand over the state and its people on a golden platter to a neighbouring state is a ridiculous demand. As a matter of fact, it is a party, which owes an apology to the people of Goa for having attempted to unsuccessfully annihilate the entity of Goa.

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