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Improve Goa’s Road Infrastructure

As per statistics of the state’s department of transport, as many as 74,563 vehicles have reportedly been registered in the state in the financial year 2015-16. The tax collected from registration of vehicles in the same financial year is about Rs 226 crore to Rs 227 crore. However, road infrastructure in the state has not improved to any great extent in keeping with the growth of the number of vehicles being added. If more than 70,000 vehicles are going to be added every year then the situation on our roads five years from now is best left to one’s imagination. The parking woes too will increase manyfold. In the not too distant future, a situation will arise wherein there will be a vehicle for every person in the state. The number of vehicles that enter the state every single day will only add to the chaos. Drastic situations call for drastic measures. The money collected by way of registration tax needs to be used to improve the road infrastructure in the state. It may not be possible to put a cap on the number of vehicles owned by a single household. Hence, wider roads and more parking space should be provided in order to accommodate the number of vehicles hitting the roads five years from now.



‘Gau rakshaks’ Must Ensure Plastic-free Market Places

After remaining agonisingly silent for a long time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only broken his silence but in fact come out strongly against ‘gau rakshaks’ by calling them ‘anti-social elements by night who masquerade as gau rakshaks during day.’ Cow vigilantism has turned into a business with the ‘gau rakshaks’ spreading terror among Dalits and then cashing in by taking bribes from this vulnerable section of the society members of which pick up decaying carcasses of animals and bury or cremate them which no gau rakshak will do. A true gau rakshak must protect old animals with compassion and this compassion must be extended to fellow humans too. A true gau rakshak must feed such animals and provide shelter to them. The Prime Minister rightly pointed out that more cows die due to ingestion of plastic bags than by slaughtering. Gau rakshaks can do a great service to cows and the environment by ensuring plastic-free market places.



FC Goa and Third Edition of Indian Super League

There was a lot of uncertainty about the future of FC Goa in the third edition of Indian Super League (ISL). That uncertainty is now a thing of the past and FC Goa is once again in the contention for the ISL title. Hectic activities are going on for FC Goa Gaurs. They are back to the basics. There is no more time left to think of other things. We are not bothered who the owner or the joint owners are. When the team is in action on the field, nobody thinks of the owners. The focus of attention will be the coach, his support staff and the players. The coach and the players of the last two ISL editions were the darlings of Goan football fans. Head coach Zico is back and Goans are happy about his arrival. We are watching and waiting to see who will be the captain and who will be the foreign players and marquee players. Zico knows what FC Goa wants and given a free hand, he will start his choice of players and training and preparations outside the country like last year so that the team gets international exposure. Sadly, we will miss inspiration from Shrinivas Dempo and Dattaraj Salgaocar, the veteran Goan football club owners. But the spirit of Goan football is there and I am sure time and tide will be in favour of Goa in the third edition. FC Goa and Zico have become a household name. Let us Goans wish that FC Goa and Zico are crowned with success. Goans are optimistic about it.



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