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Pedestrian Crossings Ignored  in Goa

TRAFFIC violations should also include the breaking of traffic rules at pedestrian crossings. At present, nothing is done to check these violations.  The bitter irony  of it all  is that despite the well-painted zebra crossings at junctions, motorists do not care to either stop or slow down at these crossing, endangering the lives of pedestrians. At the O’Coqueiro Circle at Porvorim for example, although there is a pedestrian crossing at the junction traffic comes to a halt  on the pedestrian crossing itself, and sometimes  beyond, before the traffic lights making it almost impossible for pedestrians to cross. Traffic police have expressed their helplessness in the matter. Secondly, despite the newly installed traffic signals at the Holy Family Church junction, pedestrians find it difficult to cross at the pedestrian crossing because of the cross traffic proceeding to Mapusa when traffic on the NH17 comes to a halt. The situation gets worse during peak hours. Traffic police have also disappeared after the traffic signals were installed.



AAP and Goan Politics

THE Aam  Aadmi Party  offers the people of Goa  a ray of new hope. Fed up with the BJP’s U-turn politics, and the tract record of ‘ayaram gayaram’ Congressmen, the AAP has the potential of sweeping the state like it did in the Delhi elections.  The party plans to follow its national policy of no pre-poll or after poll alliances. It plans to visit colleges to select students with leadership qualities who will be given ‘political internship’ during the summer holidays. Hopefully, this move will create a cadre of youthful and energetic leaders with no political baggage, who will work zealously for the welfare of the people.  The AAP should be wary of political heavyweights who may try to infiltrate the party. Goa can do without their ‘services’.



New Lokayukta’s Take on Graft  

THE post of Lokayukta had been lying vacant since October 2013 after the first incumbent Justice (retd) B S Reddy  resigned citing personal reasons. The government took a long time to get Justice (retd)  P K  Misra  who after being sworn in told reporters that it is very tough to eradicate corruption. He also said that he has not gone through the Goa Lokayukta Act, and that the Lokayukta is only a recommending body with action to be taken by the competent authority. This seems to me to be very negative thinking and attitude of the ombudsmen, destroying authority which is the raison detre of its existence! Change will only come when the Lokayukta instills fear in upholding the law where “be you so high or low, the law is above you!”.



Booming Tourism and Degrading Values

THIS is with reference to the front-page report ‘Pimps employing new methods to trick cops’ (NT, April 29, 2016). It cannot be denied that just as the police are  getting revived with the latest technology so is the crime world keeping abreast with the new inventions to hoodwink the vigilant police. The statistics gathered from the crime branch make alarming disclosures that in our small hospitable Goa there are as many as 100 pimps operating and more appallingly that 100-150 girls are rescued every year from the prostitution racket. In a nutshell it reveals how this oldest trade of the world is flourishing in this state, which otherwise boasts of ever vigilant Goans objecting even to the erection of the much needed communication towers and the garbage disposal plants. It cannot be denied that in the name of tourism we have shown a green banner for alcoholism, drugs, gambling in the casinos and trafficking of women. We boast of tourism and take delight in projecting the ever rising figures on this score. We agree that tourists flock to the state to enjoy the beauty of nature, the lush greenery around, the clear sky, the bright sunshine and the deep blue sea. There are tourists coming with families mainly during the vacations to divert from the routine and enjoy nature’s bliss in this beautiful paradise one earth. However there are others mainly the young working class entering the state during weekends and certainly during long weekends to get involved in booze and the other associated vices. The state has become a haven for them to get involved in orgies, at times going haywire. Whereas some states like Bihar and more importantly Kerala, a great tourist sanctuary have brought in prohibition to liberate families from the brutalities of rampaging drunken men, our political leaders have delighted in expressing that drinking is our culture. People have expressed over the ages that alcoholism is the root of many crimes leading to pain and anguish in the society. But we are busy enjoying the revenue generated from the flourishing liquor business, greatly patronised by the tourists, to tide over the financial targets of the state, including extending of grants to the English medium primary schools, much against the national interest.


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