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Cabbies Should Form A Firm

THE existing number of cabs in the state is adequate for the needs of tourists in the state. And if they are utilised optimally, there should be no need for permitting private firms and operators. Let us take the case of Mumbai which has 4-5 service providers like Meru, Tab Cab, Ola etc. All told there are only about 5,000 such cabs which zip across the city ceaselessly. These operators have their own business models.  One big operator owns the cars which are rented out to a registered driver (for Rs 700/12 hrs ). The driver  is assigned  fares by the operator’s  call centre. At the end of 12 hours  after paying the operator, the driver makes a tidy profit for himself. Needless to say, he has to  ‘work’ for it.  The other model is run by private aggregators like Ola who do not own cars. Private owners supply both the car and driver. These cars are painted by the private operators in their colours.  The owners get a fixed amount per month.  There are other operators who have a mix of both models and also allow single trips and half/ full day trips. In the larger interests of Goa taxi operators, I believe they should unite to form their own service providing company, with a mix of all business models, tailored suitably to their requirements. They may also continue with their current system of parking in hotels/ stands, but must be prepared to pick up fares in the vicinity. After dropping a fare they will be directed to another fare in their vicinity. As they will be constantly on the move their  daily  earnings will double and triple. Moreover,  they stand to gain even more  because  they are co-owners of the service providing firm, which   is a win-win situation for them.



Hema, Watch Your Mouth 

THIS is with reference to Madhu Agrawal’s letter titled ‘Hema can’t be insensitive’ (NT, July 10, 2015). Hema Malini blames the hapless father of the dead girl for the accident. But I feel there lies no reason to be shocked by her insensitive comments. What better can be expected from such a person who felt no qualms in spewing venom against poor helpless Bengali widows of Vrindavan!   Actually the fault lies with the electorate. Why do the people shamelessly reward such candidates with votes?



Joining Hands for A Cause 

RESIDENTS of 11 villages in Haryana’s Sirsa district have decided to crowd fund a Rs 1-crore bridge over Ghagar river! The people were fed up with the government, which failed to build the bridge for 20 years. Once completed, the bridge will be a lifeline for 1.25 lakh people cutting distance to Sirsa town by around 30 km, where they sell their produce and will now get access to wider markets. They have vowed not to invite for inauguration or even permit any politician or bureaucrat to use their bridge. In Goa today, there are villages that have no electricity, no roads or clean drinking water. We Goans should take a cue from the people of Haryana.



LalitGate: The Other Side of The Coin 

THAT Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was in the midst of a storm over the Lalit Modi episode for bestowing undue favours to him is a well-known saga and the dust over it had almost settled down but interestingly the media seems to be in no mood to give it a quiet burial, rather further effort is being made to dig it further though irrationally. The latest news is that Raje had proposed the name of Lalit Modi for the Padma award in 2007. Let us try to delve a little deeper into this topic. In 2007, Lalit Modi was the president of Rajasthan Cricket Association and also the vice-president of BCCI. He had contributed immensely to the development of cricket in Rajasthan and above all he was entrusted by BCCI with the task of forming the Indian Premier League, basically to thwart the move initiated by the Essel Group, which started the rebel Indian Cricket League, which was being promoted to challenge BCCI’s hegemony. Needless to mention, under Lalit  Modi’s leadership, the IPL began to take shape in a big way and the first edition of IPL was hosted in 2008 to such a monumental success that it became the leading league in world cricket, absorbing prominent players from all over the world, which instantly dealt a death blow to ICL and eventually uprooted it and in the bargain the BCCI’s coffers began to overflow, making it the richest Board in the world. The most important point to be noted is that at that time there were no adverse remarks against Lalit Modi but he was admired, rather worshipped as a person who boosted Indian cricket commercially. Let it be made known that it was only much later that Lalit Modi was charged with crimes like money laundering to the tune of hundreds of crores of rupees and escaped to UK and declared fugitive by the Indian government. Let us therefore not unduly blame the Rajasthan Chief Minister over the Padma award issue. The tragedy in our country is we are too keen to hurl abuses on a marginalized person and we derive great pleasure in such doings.


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