Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Foul Killing Of  Dubey

NOTORIOUS UP gangster Vikas Dubey has been shot dead in  an alleged encounter by Uttar Pradesh police. Dubey and his accomplices had killed eight Uttar Pradesh policemen recently. He was  arrested on Thursday after a six days’ hunt by Madhya Pradesh police. It appears that the encounter was stage-managed by the police at the behest of their political masters so that their skin is saved. The elimination of Dubey  will give a sound sleep to politicians  who had nexus with the infamous gangster.  Initially the gangster’s  house was demolished and now the prime accused has also been eliminated in a truly Hindi movie-style to destroy all evidence. If he were alive, Dubey  could have exposed corrupt politicians and police who were part of the mafia. Such encounters once again signify  total anarchy in states like Uttar Pradesh. Of course, some people may support such encounters: but remember that any country without a rule of law can never achieve all-round development, and a country like India too is no exception to the case.  God alone should therefore liberate states like Uttar Pradesh.


Virus And Church Services

IN a communication to the clergy,  Cardinal Oswald Gracias appealed to them  to not  open churches in a hurry  or hold church services without the standard operating protocols in place. Referring to Holy Communion as a “most vexing issue”, Cardinal Gracias stated that the safety of the people and the priests was of  utmost importance  and that every attempt must be made to guard against transmission of the virus from priest to communicant or from communicant to communicant. Several suggestions were received including keeping the  consecrated host in the ciborium on a table for self communication, restricting the number of people attending the mass and distribution of communion after mass.  Personally I think that circumstances justify the need to make a paradigm shift  in the  way we receive Holy Communion.  None of the ways suggested by people  will ensure complete safety of the celebrant and the communicants. I believe a host dispenser can be the only solution to our dilemma.  Such host dispensers, which may be handled by the celebrant and Eucharistic ministers,  are available on Amazon. The dispenser ensures safety of all participants. While the  gizmo is pricey, I think it can be produced in the country for a fraction of the price abroad. Moreover, as we will require several hundred thousands of these dispensers to cater to all  our churches in India, the economy  of scale will be apply, further reducing the cost.


The Spectre Of Private Trains

PROFIT-pursuing private players are not expected to have a charitable view towards the society. They are not concerned about the welfare of the general population and society as well. Their only mission is to maximise their profit by hook or by crook. So the private owners of trains, who are scheduled to get identified by 2023, would naturally come up with prohibitive fare structure with glittering amenities which can be accessed by the elite and highly privileged only. However, class barriers exist in every sphere of unequal Indian life: be it hospitals, schools, higher educational institutions, residential apartments, hotels, match tickets and where not! So the same tradition of exclusivity would naturally enter the domain of Railways too. But the least the government should do is not to reduce or discard the already existing trains or route. Let the elite enjoy a field day in luxurious trains with its owners laughing all the way to the bank;  but it should not come at the expense of the poor and middle-class Indians, who form the overwhelming majority among train passengers, as Railways is often their only lifeline due to financial affordability and/or lack of alternatives. So it must be taken care of that the general or common Indians are not compelled to avail the obviously exorbitant privately-run trains or discard railway travel altogether in the eventuality of reduction of existing trains/routes. Government of a supposedly welfare state should always remember that providing service in affordable rate to the weaker section of the population form its  urgent priority, and that should not be dispensed with in any case.


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