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A Wrong Move On Space Sector

APART from the Railways, we saw last week the central government allowing  the private sector to get into the space industry, specifically into the fabrication of rockets and launch vehicles and also satellites. Indian Space Research Organisation chairman Kailasavadivoo Sivan has welcomed the move, reckoning  that his institution can then progressively become an exclusive R&D establishment. This is a dramatic departure from the stand that had been taken  by his predecessors, who always pressed for higher  budgetary allocations. But strangely this man is seeking fewer ambits. The private sector’s entry into the space sector will limit the dual purpose use of our rockets, some of which are used for exploration as well as missiles for our defence. The National Aerospace Laboratories and other aeronautical laboratories linked with defence services have seen how difficult it is to productionise anything through even a PSU like HAL. The glaring example of this is the LCA, which was two decades or more behind its targeted launch date. So how does the department  of space  expect to work with the private sector where the driving motive is profit? This seems to be yet another agenda-driven programme by vested interests in the private sector and the political space to bring foreign technology through the backdoor and sideline indigenous research and development. What should be done is that the space department should be firmly in the driving seat for our space programmes and sub-contract the manufacture of sub assemblies and sub systems to the private sector. This association with the industry which already exists can be further broadened and strengthened.


Fight For Goa’s Forests

THE people of Goa and social activists should launch a sustained campaign against government’s push for encroaching into pristine forests. The Centre is  pushing through projects which are detrimental to wellbeing of Goa’s environment. The state government is also exploiting the inability of NGOs to move higher courts against the denudation and degradation of the forest cover. Goa should be excluded from national projects that lead to mass felling of trees.


Car Variants Confusing

TOO many variants in a  car model confuse customers. There may be just two variants apart from the third with automatic gears: one basic LX for economy customers and the other VX with all company-fitted extra accessories and luxuries for affording customers. There is no sense in having too many confusing variants like LX, LXI, VX, VXI for the same model. India being biggest consumer market amongst nations with free economy, it has certainly power to dictate its consumer-friendly terms for global market leaders collaborating for car manufacture in India. The Union government should induce standardisation of common accessories like tyres and batteries so that same parts may be used in different models of cars produced by various car manufacturers. It will heavily bring down cost of consumables through their mass  production  in some limited sizes and specifications. It can be achieved by merging some nearing sizes and specifications.


Say No To Chinese Apps

THE recent decision of the Centre banning 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, SHAREit and UC Browser, is a welcome move. This ban will encourage children to divert their attention to more productive activities, instead of wasting time on such apps. It will also teach China not to play games and wage war with India.


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