Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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COVID-19: Don’t Neglect Vasco

Mangor Hill in Vasco was declared as containment zone on June 1 after a fisherman and his wife tested positive for COVID-19. Along with them, their daughter-in-law and two sons also tested positive for the virus. The doctor, who was treating people in the area, also tested positive initially but later tested negative. Since the area is congested with families of four to five living in each house, the spread of the infection was natural. However, along with Mangor Hill main containment zone, other nearby areas falling within a radius of 500 metres were also declared containment zone with Chota Mangor and Bada Mangor upto the Varanapuri junction coming under the containment zone. Initially, when the spread of the virus was detected, the health department conducted tests for two to three days in the area but later on there was no testing conducted for nearly a week and gradually the tests were stopped except for a general physician being available for any emergency. Vasco is the most neglected area as compared to the other affected areas, which witnessed quick action including voluntary lockdowns by the locals and traders without waiting for the government to act. The government has not taken enough care with regard to those residing inside the containment zone in Vasco, especially locations that have seen a spike in the positive cases. Locals feel that the health department should have deployed its entire team in the area, as there were no cases in other parts of Goa in the initial days. Many migrants and daily wage workers living in the area want to get themselves tested and leave for their native places, as they hardly get the daily essentials to eat. There is a feeling amongst the people of Vasco that they are being neglected during this pandemic. I hope the government takes steps before it is too late. 


Ban On China Apps, A Right Move By India

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has appreciated India’s decision to ban 59 apps with Chinese links and said it will boost India’s integrity and national security. Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also invited Indian startups and technical minds to create ‘made in India’ apps. Such a ban presents an opportunity to Indian startups and bright young minds to leverage their intellectual capability, think innovatively and come up with good apps.


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