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On Registration Of Fish Traders, Vendors

I was shocked to read about the government passing  an order asking the fish traders and vendors in the state to get registered with the department of fisheries in order to carry on with their fish business in Goa. The order, which has come into force with immediate effect, has been passed without holding a consultation with the stakeholders and all those concerned. It is reported that most of the fish vendors are not aware of this development. As per the government order, for the fish traders, the fees are Rs 2 lakh per year and the security deposit is Rs 20,000. For fish sellers using two-wheelers, the fee is Rs 500, while fish sellers using a four-wheeler to sell fish must pay Rs 5,000. In these times of the COVID pandemic, these fish traders and vendors are facing many hurdles in carrying on with their business; they need to pay the ‘sopo’ charges while also paying other agents to carry on with their trade. In such a situation, the people will be the ultimate sufferers, as consumers will not be able to afford the little they are managing somehow now. Does this government bother about the circumstances at the ground level regarding labour? Does it even care for the people before issuing such orders? The fishermen go out early to the jetties around 4.30 am to procure fresh fish and sell the same by moving around on their two-wheelers so as to make ends meet. Petrol prices are increasing every day. In such a prevailing situation, these fishermen hardly manage to earn profit, if any. Instead of trying to ‘pump revenue’ into its coffers by resorting to such orders, the government should go out of its way to help the people in this hour of need.


Frequent Power Failures

I am a resident of Canca in the suburbs of Mapusa. Recently, I received an exorbitant electricity bill for a period of 74 days. I fail to understand why the Canca area, which is only a kilometre away from the Mapusa town, has to regularly face frequent power failures, which last for several hours. Could anybody explain what repair works are undertaken by the electricity department during the power shutdowns they announce before the commencement of monsoon every year? Despite these power shutdowns, when rain arrives, yet we face the same problem of several breakdowns. I wish to ask the authorities concerned as to for what reason we are supposed to pay the bills? Is it for the regular power failures throughout the year? I hope the concerned authorities take a note of the situation.


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