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Root Out Racism, Hatred

RACISM, which has raised its ugly head once again in the US, is engrained in America, the UK and other western countries. White people in these countries do not realise that the slave trade of African people and colonial imperialism made these nations great and prosperous. For ages colonial powers and slave masters degraded human beings, robbing people of their resources and wealth. Now, in the post-modern times, the black people are discriminated in jobs, education and all spheres of life. The West has failed to educate their children on this bitter history. Had the white people been educated on the horrors of slavery and imperialism they would have been humane and considerate towards blacks and other ethnic communities. In India too, there is racism but with different hues and colours.  Adivasis, Dalits and other lower-caste people in India are oppressed, hated and discriminated simply because they belong to certain castes which are considered as lower. In these hard times wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, one can’t imagine the plight of the poor and lower-caste migrants, who are like cogs  in the wheel toiling to run our homes,  care homes, construction sites, hotels, religious places  and  the industry. We must not forget that we all are human beings belonging to one human race. We, as citizens of India, should stop the vicious cycle of hatred, violence and discrimination, which are premised on races, religions and castes. Let us teach our children the lesson of human equality and brotherhood. Freedom is a right for everyone. Let us all enjoy it to its fullest extent, with no upper hand and control.


Demerits Of Mass Promotion

THE decision to promote en masse the students from 9th and 11th standards to 10th and 12th standards respectively is a shortsighted move.  Mass promotion in the name of the pandemic crisis may have been viewed in best interest of the students. However, several people are of the opinion that the ‘no fail policy’ adopted till Standard 8 has already had a detrimental effect on the formation of the youth, and has created a class of ‘educated’ illiterates. The students lack competitive spirit and don’t give any importance to studies or exams, and also to school authorities and teachers. Is the move on mass promotion just and fair to the students who work hard throughout the year and pass through merit and sheer determination? It would be acceptable if Chief Minister Pramod Sawant considers mass promotion for students who fail in two or three subjects and not for students who flunk in all subjects. Would it be a right decision for the students who could not cope up with in 9th Standard to cope up with in 10th Standard? Students may be happy with the prospect of getting a ‘paper matriculation certificate’; but in reality, are they actually getting educated? Where are we heading with our current education system? Just imagine such persons occupying positions in government and government offices! The decision on mass promotion would have repercussions in the years to come. The students themselves may regret this at some point in future. Was there any thorough study, research and discussions by concerned authorities and the education department? Who will be accountable for it? Hope wisdom prevails.


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