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Covid-19 Cases Rising Exponentially

After three successive lockdowns spanning two months, the situation in our country appears to be no better than what it was at the start of the lockdown, probably worse, with the number of Covid-19 positive cases rising exponentially to alarming numbers of around 7000 daily and expected to peak in June. Hotspots and containment zones have not made any difference. India now ranks 10th in the list of positive cases in the world. Experts are at a loss to figure out the trajectory the killer virus is presently pursuing on its destructive trail, unlike the pattern followed by viruses of earlier epidemics which peaked and then flattened in stages, till it finally went out. In India we have yet to see something similar happening with a rising graph of positive cases surging upward in parabolic style, and no evidence of flattening. Iran is one country which opened up its economy after the number of positive cases dropped to an abysmal level, but witnessed a second wave of infections and deaths after opening up. In India we have done just the opposite by opening up the economy and easing restrictions, even after a continuous daily record spike of positive cases. So, where have we failed in our efforts and what is the solution to this unending uncertainty and discouraging results.


Money Offered In Temples By Devotees

Earlier, Congress leader, Prithviraj Chavan›s statement to seize gold in temples as a loan and now statement of Bahujan Aghadi leader, Prakash Ambedkar to seize money from religious places are both statements that hurt the majority Hindu sentiments. Do the politicians consider the temples and their wealth as personal property?  The money offered in the temple is donated by the devotees. Most of the temples have people appointed by the government on the steering committee. By enacting the temple government law, you have only taken over the temples of Hindus and misbehaved in them. The West Maharashtra Devasthan Samiti, on the other hand, embezzled lakhs of crores of rupees in temples and temple lands. And now your eye is on the temple property.  This is a protest.  Will the government take notice of the religious sentiments of Hindus?


People In Power Have To Be Pragmatic

Society’s members come in different shades. Upbringing, environment and education define an individual’s behaviour.  Words blurted out within the privacy of four walls may escape attention, but not those uttered in full public glare.  Abuse need not always be physical; stream of verbal abuse sometimes creates more scars than physical attack does because physical injuries are there to be seen; it will heal over a period of time but imprints of verbal mistreatment are deeply engraved in a mind.   People in power have to be pragmatic because there are under constant public scrutiny.  When a politician throws expletives at a common man in the open it only exemplifies a feeble brain trying to express itself forcibly.  A Karnataka minister used swear words while shouting down a female farmer leader during an argument that occurred at a lake inspection site.  Those who do not know the ‘honourable’ minister well,  may have been taken aback; but not his followers. Such people in power boast their weaknesses when cuss words flow freely from their vocabulary.  The said minister is controversy’s favourite child in the party and government.  He was, not long ago, under fire for hurting the sentiments of a particular religion.  His leader, Chief Minister, BS Yediyurappa, had to pull him out of the muddle.  Even now, the leader has come to his rescue by issuing a ‘strict warning’ to the minister. However, the minister himself was brazenly unapologetic about his behaviour.  ‘Respect yourself and others will respect you’ is an oft repeated quote.  But the minister has given   a new meaning to ‘self respect’ – he has firmly stated he would not hesitate to hurl verbal garbage at others if his ‘self respect’ is tested. The minister, who oversees the departments of law, parliamentary affairs and legislation, with minor irrigation as an additional charge, has overshot his limits causing much embarrassment to his party.


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