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Electricity Bill Inconsistencies

Because of the imposition of lock down in the state, our electricity bill has come for the last about one month till February, 2020 three months late, which has been however billed for 30-odd days. However, our next bill will be billed for a period of 90-odd days. Highly inflated bills could be charged if the consumption of units is done for a period of 90-odd days, as the energy charges for consumption goes higher with every 100 units consumed being Rs, 100, 210, 265, 345 and 400 for domestic units which is upwardly charged. So if you have been billed for 90-odd days for 430 units the energy charges would be Rs. 1080/- but however if billed at 30-odd days, three times it would be only Rs. 552 which is slightly more than half of the energy charges since the separate 3-moth energy charges fall in the lower brackets. It is thus evident that the bills are charged on the basis of three separate months energy charges calculation as this is the standard billing procedure. These are the discrepancies only based on method of calculation. Across all forms of charging both domestic and commercial, rationalization is the need of the hour to prevent overcharging.

Elvidio Miranda, Panaji

Work-In-Home Town For
Govt-Service On Urgent Basis

Employees of central government posted outside their home-towns, are now-a-days facing big problem because of great risks involved in living in hotels or gust-houses outside their home-towns where they are posted, because of coronavirus-fear. Even finding rented accommodations in cities of their postings has become extremely difficult.

Department of Personnel and Training DoPT should revise its system urgently whereby those desiring to be posted in their home-towns may be assigned postings in their home-towns. Revised system should be applicable for government-employees in each cadre and service like Administrative Service, Foreign Service, Police Service or Forest Service etc as far as practicable. Corona-era is a time when living with family has become necessity for heads of the family for all practical reasons. If citizens have to learn with corona, government-rules also need to be modified with life in corona.


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