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Running Of Trains

No sooner had the Centre got the trains on track, people’s expectations on flying high began to soar.  Post-relaxation, trains did well to carry thousands of stranded migrants to their destinations. Both personal hygiene and social distancing were maintained to a tee without compromising on efficiency. It goes without saying that full-fledged running of trains is around the corner.  Airplanes pose problems of a different kind.   Arrival at airports, identity check at the security gates, procurement of boarding passes, luggage transfer, security clearance, seating  at the common waiting hall, boarding the flight and travel, visit to toilets at airports and in flights-at each point, hygiene and distancing have to be taken care of. The blueprint encompassing all this is said to be ready with the government.  Physical presence at the airport requires travel by own car or taxi.  The taxi drivers will have to be enlightened on the intricacies of safe travel. No relative of passengers may be allowed to disembark from the vehicles.  At every step of all laborious processes, disinfectants will be the invariable companions of travellers.  In addition, frequent washing of hands, for twenty seconds each, would be the new norm.  In a nutshell, while the maddening queues at counters, and the restless  faces at the boarding point, are set to be fewer, nonchalant passengers may get along the new routine with  customary ease, others may find the fresh regulations troublesome but inevitable. 


Unemployment Is Increasing

Government has informed that, nearly Rs 16000 crores are transferred into saving accounts of poor people. Is middle class benefited by this package? Middle class is even struggling to get loans from banks and government benefits are far dream for them. The government needs to think about general and needy people. Till date no government has done survey as per income.  Many people do not have jobs and employment. Labour per day wage less and how these people will survive and what they will save for their future? So how poor Indian will become self-reliant? 


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