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Need For Dedicated COVID-19 Hospitals

A top emergency expert of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that countries cannot simply lock down their societies to defeat coronavirus (COVID-19) and that public health measures are needed to avoid resurgence of the virus later on. He said that once the transmission is suppressed, we will have to go after the virus. It is true that public health measures are extremely important to tackle a pandemic after steps like social distancing, identifying those who have the virus and isolation are taken. For this, adequate number of hospital beds is necessary. Incidentally, for a patient infected with coronavirus, ICU beds are necessary with facilities of a ventilator, oxygen supply etc. Several prominent doctors in the country have requested the central government to convert government hospitals into COVID-19 hospitals where only those infected by the virus are treated. It is pertinent to note that Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has converted his chain of hotels into COVID-19 hospitals. Goa should not be lagging behind in this respect. We are in the second stage of the transmission and God forbid, we could even enter the community transmission stage, which is the third stage. To be prepared for the worst case scenario, it would be desirable for the government to convert the yet-to-be-opened South Goa District Hospital into a COVID-19 hospital to tackle any eventuality.


Containing Spread Of Coronavirus

This refers to your thought-provoking editorial ‘Containing COVID-19’ (NT March 23). Coronavirus is proving that now, across the globe. The entire world is coming to a standstill and many major cities of the world are under lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus. The spread of coronavirus and thousands of victims in many countries have led to global efforts for all types of possible prevention and cure. Unfortunately, the numbers of victims are likely to rise, as efforts to quickly contain its spread have proven unsuccessful. It is now important to get reliable information about what is happening and to find out what you can do to protect yourself. It is time to stay put or limit our movements around town to the greatest extent we are able to. We should encourage all our family members and friends to follow suit. We need to engage in broad-scale testing to isolate the infected. It is now time for social distancing and to restore faith in humanity. Let us continue to look out for one another and treat our fellow peers with respect and kindness.


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