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Insulate Police From Political Interference
Law and order is a state subject, but Delhi is unique; the police there is controlled by the Lieutenant Governor and Union Home Minister, leaving the state chief minister helpless and nobody knows where the buck stops. What is worse is all over India police has been hamstrung due to political interference and that is dangerous for justice, people and our democracy as seen in the recent communal violence. How many more deaths, arson, looting, torching of vehicles, schools and shops and incidents of hooligans organised with petrol bombs, deadly weapons including guns intimidating journalists and causing mayhem with police watching and some even complicit and waiting for orders are we going to witness? Delhi High Court judge Justice S Muralidhar, reportedly woken up at midnight, held an emergency hearing at his residence and later passed a series of relevant orders with regard to the violence; he has been transferred to the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The Supreme Court has also rebuked the police for the Delhi violence and inaction against BJP leaders for the hate speeches. Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuses to speak up to effectively end communal animosity and is a polarising personality. Unless the police is insulated from politicians and free to act professionally and impartially as required by the law, the atmosphere is only going to get worse.


Remove Beehives From Govt Complex In Ponda
AS seen in the photo,beehives have been formed by bees on the government office complex situated near the civil court at Tisk in Ponda. These beehives pose a threat not only to the officials working in the complex but also to the members of the public who visit the premises for their official work from time to time. In case of an attack by the bees, the situation could turn panicky. There is an urgent need to remove these beehives immediately so that safety is assured to the people. Let us hope the concerned authorities act swiftly before any untoward incident occurs.


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