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Govt Of Thoughtless Decisions

THE string of reversal of orders and circulars issued by the government only exposes misgovernance in the state. The knee-jerk decisions made by the government without careful thought, consultation with experts or due process is symptomatic of the further erosion of governance. Good governance has been lacking for quite some time, but sadly things are rapidly deteriorating with a government which  is in power but not in control. The bureaucrats have to be allowed to function in accordance with law and be able to apply their experience and expertise independent of political interference or pressure. They cannot be forced to act as caged parrots. Every decision by the government has to be well thought out and carefully considered. This will minimise the recurring embarrassing situations that this government suffers from the erosion of trust that the people have in any decision this government makes. The frequent transfer of officers for no logical reason or purpose or sometimes for personal reasons to satisfy the whims of those in power is disruptive and adds to the confusion making it difficult for officials to administer smoothly. This administrative circus must stop immediately. Advice from experts and feedback from people must be heeded to urgently address the glaring failings of this government.


Shabby Sewerage Work 

ROAD excavation work has been underway in Ponda for laying sewerage system. However, it is rather disturbing to note that the excavated road is not filled satisfactorily once the work is completed. As a result, motorists and pedestrians are greatly inconvenienced. One such poorly executed work can be seen at the sharp turn near Almeida High School in the city. The uneven surface of the road could lead to pillion riders falling off the moving vehicles. The concerned authorities must take a note of the abovementioned concerns and take immediate remedial action.


Moving Towards Clean Fuel

IT is indeed welcome that the country is preparing to switch over to cleanest petrol and diesel from April 1 with the purpose of checking choking pollution in cities. In this regard, India will leapfrog straight to Euro-VI emission compliant fuels from Euro-IV grades,   which will be  a feat that will be achieved in just three years and not seen in any of the large economies around the globe. India will join the select league of nations using petrol and diesel containing just 10 parts per million of sulphur as it looks to cut vehicular emissions that are said to be one of the reasons for the choking pollution in major cities. What is the specialty of the cleanest petrol/diesel is that BS-VI has a sulphur content of just 10 ppm and emission standards are as good as CNG. It has been reported that the change will reduce NOx in BS-VI compliant vehicles by 25 per cent  in petrol-run vehicles and 70 per cent in their diesel-run counterparts. In the light of air pollution levels being  very high in many big cities of the country, especially in Delhi, it has necessitated us to find cleanest petrol and with the introduction of cleanest fuel from April 1, atmosphere is going to be cleaner. Of the most polluted cities in the world, 22 out of 30 were in India in 2018. According to a study based on 2016 data, at least 140 million people in India breathe air that is 10 times or more over the WHO safe limit and 13 of the world’s 20 cities with the highest annual levels of air pollution are in India. The air pollution caused by vehicles alone is 27 per cent and the industrial pollution comes around 51 per cent. Sadly, some vehicles are run on adulterated fuel blends which cause increased emissions of harmful pollutants.


Traffic Congestion Is Bane Of Margao

THIS refers to  a  news report appearing in a section of the press with regard to Margao traffic woes. Margao town needs to undergo a transformational change with regard to traffic management, keeping in view the exponential rise in vehicle population.  Erratic parking of vehicles exposes  pathetic civic sense of motorists, which  leads to frequent traffic jams. Given the constraints of space and road infrastructure in the commercial town, a multi-storeyed car park should be set up which will help control haphazard parking of vehicles and facilitate free flow of vehicular traffic. One has to wait and watch to see the efficacy of the Panaji pay and park model which has just kicked in. Depending on its success, the same model could be replicated in Margao as levying parking charges may inculcate a sense of disciplined parking. Opposite the KTC bus stand a large piece of land has been earmarked for free two-wheeler parking and if a nominal fee of  Rs 5 is charged per scooter, it could generate some revenue for the government. The deadline of a month to resolve the traffic woes of Margao sounds hollow given the fact that such deadlines  announced earlier were never complied with. If memory serves right, there was a proposal to have a ring road in Comba so as to decongest the traffic in the  area, where   there are four schools in close proximity and a college to boot making the route a chaotic scene soon after the school hours in the afternoon. In these hi-tech days, the manned level-crossing at Comba is outdated; an underpass, an overbridge or a flyover must be built considering that many lives of students have been lost to train accidents. Of late, the waiting time at this level-crossing keeps on increasing with the movement of freight trains mostly carrying coal in wagons spewing coal dust en route. The existing underpass is located far away from the level-crossing and gets flooded in the monsoon making its access dangerous. The mechanics illegally repairing vehicles by the road side at Indira Cooperative Housing Society opposite Virgincar garage cause untold hardship to the residents. They cause noise and air pollution. If the dream ring road project becomes a reality then the nuisance caused  by  the mechanics will be taken care of, as they will have to be relocated from their present location to a designated site in the outskirts of Margao.


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