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Making Speed Breakers Easily Maneuverable  

IT is encouraging to note that socially conscious citizens are coming forward to carry out the task where the authorities concerned have failed miserably. One such campaign is the #Rosto campaign led by Cecille Rodrigues. This campaign started by three citizens is all about going on a speed-breaker painting spree and they have reportedly recently completed painting the 100th speed-breaker. This is no mean achievement and these citizens deserve all the accolades that come their way. It is understood that in the first for the state, some police personnel from the Calangute police station also helped the group in completing the task of painting the 100th speed-breaker. It must be said that speed breakers, which are installed to prevent road accidents by forcing vehicular drivers to reduce the speed, can be the cause of an accident if they are not painted. Hence the initiative taken by a group of citizens is all the more significant. It is understood that the task carried out by the #Rosto team was reportedly appreciated by the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Twitter calling them ‘Road Safety Heroes’. This action by a group of citizens must be considered as a wake-up call for the authorities to carry out the task of painting the speed-breakers in the entire state.


Fighting The Cause Of Persecuted Minorities

DURING the mass that I attended on Sunday, the priest who read out the notices for the week towards the end of the ceremony made a statement highly unbecoming of a religious person, for he callously said that though most of India is against CAA, NPR and NRC, some people have been supporting it for they get something in their pockets. He should realise that just as he is mobilising support of the community against the CAA-NPR-NRC to attend the gathering in Margao, there are others who are thoroughly convinced that the government initiative in this direction is most appropriate for the country to create a charter of its own citizens for record so that infiltrators from the neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan do not find a safe haven in this land particularly with ulterior motives of disrupting the tranquility within. Time and again it has been clarified by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the Home Minister Amit Shah that the exercise has in no way been contemplated to make the existing citizens landless but to confer on them proper citizenship rights, irrespective of religion, and at the same time to provide an unimpeded entry path for the minorities undergoing religious persecutions in the aforesaid three countries.


Goa At Mercy Of Climate Change

BY blaming environmentalists for stopping mining, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant should remember that it is not easy to wish away facts.  Today, the signs and sounds of climate change rage all around us. Intense precipitation and floods, severe droughts, water shortages, unstoppable bushfires, rise in sea levels, all foretell what’s in store for the human race, if we do not change our mindset and our unsustainable development policies. Even in Goa, the impact of changing climate and ecological conditions is undeniable. Our Chief Minister, who has assured us that he is open to differing views on various aspects of his governance, including development policies, should think, collect data, analyse it with impeccable honesty and have the will, courage and capacity to make amends accordingly. Or else we in Goa will have a very bleak future if indeed there will be a future at all.


CAA Driving A Wedge Between People

THE nation is passing through trying times with the amended Citizenship Act driving a wedge between people. With distrust and apprehension characterising the public reaction and response to each and every political ‘missile’ flung at the masses, the slew of laws promulgated in recent times has had a debilitating effect on the secular fabric of the country. Alienating the masses, it is not difficult to understand the agenda the ruling dispensation is pursuing. But one would not like to believe in hearsay and would rather have the government come clean on its will and intentions on these matters. By allowing misinformation and rumours to dwell on the minds of the public, the saffron party is only doing a disservice to its own image. A massive public mandate does not give any government the right to push through with its own agendas at the cost of public sentiments. No doubt, every government is well within its own rights to frame its own legislations. But shouldn’t they be implemented only after proper deliberations, and more importantly, after taking the people into confidence? A ‘popular’ government installed at the Centre to dislodge another one that allegedly had corruption pervading every aspect of its functioning has however earned the wrath of the countrymen for the authoritarianism and evasiveness that has become its ‘virtue’. Will the citizenship imbroglio make the people of India seek a change of guard at the Centre once again? But is vacillating between the Congress and the BJP the only answer!


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