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Encourage Rail Passengers To Display Email Proof Of E-ticket

Indian Railways has made a robust shift to digital mode through the e-ticket booking facility. The passengers have the flexibility to book rail tickets at ease through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) website and mobile app. The e-ticket is delivered through sms or email and it acts as a valid authority when presented along with an identity proof while travelling. Many passengers, however, still rely on e-ticket printouts on paper while travelling. The facility to print e-tickets on a paper is still available apart from the sms/email confirmations. It is time for Railways to now put a complete stop on the printing of e-tickets only for those users registered on IRCTC web portal/ mobile application. Indian Railways should otherwise incentivise passengers to display only sms- or email-based e-ticket confirmations along with a valid identity proof instead of the ill-conceived idea of printing the e-tickets on a paper. The suggestion will help Indian Railways reduce carbon footprint by encouraging passengers to go paper-free while travelling on reserved tickets.


Protecting Western Ghats

As far as India’s ecosystem is concerned, there seems to be nobody as knowledgeable as Dr Madhav Gadgil. He had predicted the natural disasters that have struck various parts of the country but we did not take them seriously. It is not late even now. Let us correct our mistakes and take Dr Gadgil’s advice seriously. The Western Ghats are fragile and prone to natural calamities. So, illegal activities in the Western Ghats should be banned. We have very few conservationists like Dr Gadgil, who make a profound analysis of the problems we face. The need to save the environment cannot be overemphasised. The onus is on us. I feel ignoring Dr Gadgil’s suggestions is a transgression.


Say No To EDM Festivals

A video of the ‘after party’ of Sunburn, the electronic, dance and music (EDM), festival in Goa has gone viral. I have received several WhatsApp forwards from Canada, US and UK in addition to India. The video is a sad commentary on the quality of tourists Goa is attracting. A day after the Sunburn festival, a beach is seen strewn with tourists asleep or fallen in various stages of inebriety. A long queue in front of a public toilet is testimony to the quality of tourists the festival is attracting. And though the government is vehemently denying it, drugs are the driving engine of the festival. The government must put an end to this type of entertainment, which gives Goa a bad name. Instead, food festivals, adventure sports, village tourism and other such entertainment must be encouraged.


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