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Dabolim Airport, A Tourist’s Nightmare

The letter ‘Deficiencies at Dabolim’ (NT November 5) by retired High Court judge Michael Saldanha is a damning indictment of the pathetic state of affairs at the Dabolim airport. It is a sad commentary on the Goa government’s poor handling of activities, leading to congestion, delays and bottlenecks at every stage commencing at the entry point, then at the baggage screening, security check and departure. The poor handling is causing great inconvenience to passengers and leading to delays resulting often in the missing of flights. The writer also laments that there is “zero police presence and no responsible officer to redress serious grievances”. The departure lounge is also lacking in proper seating arrangement and there are no facilities for food and drinks. Under these circumstances, is it any wonder that, according to the writer, “at least a hundred tourists (foreign and Indian) have vowed that they would never come back to Goa again and also spread the word around”. Fortunately, there were no mishaps due to the collapse of false ceilings as in the past. Has the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) got any answers?


Welcoming Citizenship Amendment Bill

The Union cabinet deserves all compliments for approving the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019, which allows people of all religions other than Muslims, easy access to Indian citizenship. Everyone knows that Hindus, who are mainly limited to India and Nepal, are facing the worst torture in Islamic nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh as a minority community there, forcing them to flee to India. Same is the situation with Christians in Pakistan. The central government has thus played a perfect secular role in opening its doors for people of all religions facing torture in Islamic countries. The Congress party, which was instrumental in creating a divided India on the basis of religion, has no right to oppose the Bill in its usual policy of pseudo-secularism. How can people of the Muslim community from countries like Myanmar be allowed to enter India when that country has itself become a victim of Rohingya Muslims? Likewise, Bangladeshi Muslims came to India only because of better living here, but are manly involved in anti-social and criminal activities. As such, on all accounts, the decision of the Union cabinet is based on practical aspects. Indian Muslims are enjoying equal rights and better livelihood here, being the proof that Muslims from neighbouring Islamic nations Pakistan and Bangladesh want to come to India, which must be stopped.

                MADHU AGRAWAL, NEW DELHI

Citizenship Amendment Bill is Unconstitutional

According to our Constitution, India is a secular state. The Citizenship Amendment Bill invokes grounds of religion as a category to provide citizenship. Such invocation of religion is unconstitutional. The Bill is just another ploy by the current establishment to divide and rule. The Bill should be withdrawn or else it might not stand the test of judicial scrutiny.


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