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Severe Punishment Must In Gang Rapes

The December 16, 2012 gang rape and murderous assault of a young woman in a moving bus in South Delhi had shaken the entire country and there were demands for imposing severe punishment, notably death to such culprits. Whereas rapes do occur in different parts of our country, the ghastly incident on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Wednesday night involving the gang rape and murder of a veterinary doctor has once again sent shock waves everywhere. It is outrageous that the incident occurred barely around 9 pm, when the lady doctor who had parked her vehicle near a petro pump to attend to another duty returned to her vehicle only to find that the tyre was deflated. Two truck drivers and their two helpers who had seen her parking the vehicle and moving away hatched a plan to rape her on arrival. They tried to render assistance to her in fixing the deflated tyre but in the process dragged her to a nearby place and raped her in turn. To ensure that her screams were not heard one of them even smothered her to death and then to conceal the evidence her body was doused in fuel and consigned to flames. The sordid incident has once again brought to the fore that women in our country are not safe and heartless people with least regard to the law or human values have been wreaking havoc.


Floating Bridges

Goans and tourists commuting between North and South Goa have to go through a harrowing time because of the traffic jams on either side of the Zuari Bridge. Missed flights, delay in reaching important engagements, chaotic nightmares, citizens have experienced it all for the past 18 months. It appears that things will not improve in the near future as the highway chaos will have to be borne for yet another 14 months until February 2021, reportedly, the latest deadline for completion and commissioning of the eight-lane bridge project over the Zuari River. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. To ease the traffic congestion on the Zuari Bridge, the government could consider putting up a temporary floating bridge across the Zuari River.  Floating bridges are made of large water-tight pontoons connected rigidly end-to-end, upon which a temporary roadway is built. The pontoons enable them to utilize their buoyant character to support the weight which is equivalent to the amount of water they displace and these bridges are usually built by the military. Such a temporary floating bridge across the Zuari could be used for movement of only light vehicles which will go a long way in eliminating the traffic chaos that commuters along the route experience on a regular basis.


NRC: A Futile Exercise

The entire exercise of the recently updated National Register of Citizens has thrown the lives of the people of Assam out of gear.  It has put Assam in a state of turmoil with people running from pillar to post to prove their citizenship. In the absence of proper documents, there is state of panic in the minds of genuine citizens who fear of being called as illegal migrants in their own country.    Moreover the entire NRC exercise has exposed its, flaws, hollowness and futility as more than 19 lakh people have been excluded in the final NRC list, released on August 31. Those who would not be able to get his or her name entered in the register their fate more or less remains uncertain and maybe be rendered stateless in their own country, namely the Minority Community, and the rest may not have to worry much, as the discriminatory Citizens Amendment Bill, will come to their rescue.  The entire NRC process which was taken to identify genuine citizens from the so called illegal immigrants has failed to achieve its objective; and has instead polarized the society by playing to the gallery of Hindutva politics, burdened the exchequer with a huge expenditure to the tune of more than Rs 1000 crores, and has engaged thousands of workers which were a huge wastage of human resources. The question is, despite knowing the fact that NRC has gained nothing in Assam, and was a futile exercise, causing hardships to people, then why the Union Home Minister Amit Shah wants to implement it in the whole country?   It is the people who should question the government on its performance, and its inefficiency to run the country, rather than the government.


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