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On Ever-increasing Prices Of Coconuts

Coconuts in Goa are presently being sold for a whopping Rs 50 per coconut by roadside vendors – ‘nariel-paaniwallas’ as they are popularly known. Just a year back, they were being sold at Rs 30, then Rs 40 and now Rs 50 per coconut. It is unfortunate that nothing is being done to stop this daylight robbery at all beaches and big cities, which is slowly spreading to the villages. Tourists are the ones who do not mind splurging, but what about the natives? Three years back there was a hue and cry by some politicians to save the much-revered coconut tree (maad, as it is popularly called) from being indiscriminately cut after it was downgraded to the status of plant/grass. Later, coconuts were made available in some government-run shops for Rs 20 per coconut as part of the much-hyped ‘goemkarponn’. I wonder what has happened today and why the people of Goa are left at the mercy of a few ‘narielwallas’ and have to depend on coconuts from neighbouring Karnataka.


IFFI Must Have Dedicated Venue On Panaji Outskirts

It is indeed a matter of pride that the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), one of the oldest and largest film festivals in the country, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Goa. It is understood that more than 9,000 delegates will be attending the nine-day event, which will bring life of the common man in the capital city almost to a standstill. As it is, the city is bursting at the seams with the local population as well as the tourists, who visit the city. Finding a parking place has always been a problem in the city. Now, with a number of delegates and tourists visiting the city, matters for the locals could only get worse. Panaji has remained the permanent host city for the past fifteen years. However, over the years, there seems to be not much improvement by way of infrastructure for the mega global event. A venue dedicated for the film festival outside the city boundaries would have been an ideal step by the government, as the festival has progressed by leaps and bounds over the past fifteen years that it has been held in Goa. The International Film Festival of India will only get more advanced and the number of people attending the event will increase manifold over the years to come. Unless a site dedicated to IFFI is set up in the coming years, matters could go out of hand. 


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