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Widen Road Near Dona Paula Circle

The stretch of road near the Dona Paula circle, which is a slope, needs to be widened immediately before a serious accident like the one that occurred recently at the Chimbel junction takes place. A number of accidents have already occurred at the Dona Paula slope but despite this, the concerned authorities have not yet widened the road. This is the highway road approaching from Bambolim towards Dona Paula and suddenly the stretch becomes narrow at the slope. Sometime back, a lady doctor met with an accident on the slope and had to be hospitalised; she had to undergo a joint replacement surgery. Vehicles zoom from Bambolim as they approach the Dona Paula circle and the drivers are unable to control the vehicle speed, as the road becomes narrow at the slope. The worst part is that there is neither a signboard at the location nor a speed breaker to guide the motorists. The residents of Dona Paula had suggested a small island so that at least the speed of the vehicular traffic is brought down but nothing has been done yet. A footpath at the location has further aggravated the situation. The slope is becoming a dead trap for the residents of Dona Paula, especially as the colonies are located nearby. Many tourist buses and four-wheelers are also parked on the slope.


Railways Must Switch To Digital Ticketing

Indian Railways recently made an environment-friendly decision of not pasting the final reservation charts on its train coaches. The enormous amount of paper consumed to prepare the chart otherwise involved huge costs. Railways thus managed to successfully convince the passengers by enabling e-tickets and mobile messages as valid documents while travelling. Further, it is suggested to do away with the printing of the reserved PNR-based paper advanced journey tickets currently issued to the passengers across the counters. Each PNR journey booked is printed on a paper ticket and thus leads to huge dependency on paper, affecting the environment. Indian Railways can instead make an arrangement to deliver the tickets through mobile messages upon OTP authentication. As also an e-ticket, complete with journey details, can be delivered to the user’s email address and it only involves a minimal cost. The Railways thus needs to make consistent efforts to drastically reduce its dependency on paper-based tickets issued to its passengers, and make a robust switch to digital ticketing system.   


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