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A Praiseworthy Move  By Sikhs In Goa

THE selfless act by members of the Goan Sikh community to feed the needy stands out as a gesture that merits a special mention. For that matter, service before self has been the guiding principle of the Sikhs and they are known to attach a lot of importance to community service. True to this tradition, commemorating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the ‘Langar for hunger’ as an initiative of the Sikh community in Goa to feed the poor and needy is indeed commendable! Focusing initially on the relatives of poor patients admitted in the Goa Medical College, a food-vending truck, which will be permanently stationed near GMC in Bambolim, will serve them two meals a day. At a time when communal harmony in the country is threatened by differences brought about between various communities by conniving politicians to further their interests, it is refreshing to know that such selfless acts by members of the Sikh community in Goa will go a long a long way in fostering better relations between them. What better acts of charity could one hope for! Religion is all about love and brotherhood of mankind. It is said that to serve humanity is to serve God! The best form of service is that which is offered in a spirit of humility. There couldn’t be a better service to the society than making others, the less fortunate, more secure, comfortable and happy. The Sikh community in Goa has shown the way, it is for the others to follow!


Pin Down Hotels On Waste Disposal

SOME residents intercepted a vehicle in Margao which was found dumping waste from a restaurant. It must be said that waste from a restaurant is mostly kitchen waste which constitute wet waste. Dumping such wet waste in open space could be more detrimental to the health of the locals then dry waste as it attracts insects, emits foul smell and breeds mosquitoes. There have been several instances wherein vehicles carrying several bags of restaurant waste were intercepted while dumping them in open spaces. Imposing a fine on disposal of waste in the open seems to yield very little result. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. It would be prudent to suspend the licence of the restaurants/hotels, for a pre-determined period of time, for disposing of the kitchen waste in such an unhygienic manner as it concerns the health of the general public. Licence of drivers of vehicles caught transporting the restaurant waste for disposal in open space also need to be suspended. This will, in the long run, act as deterrence to others who indulge in such illegal acts.


SC High On Transparency

THE Supreme Court has declared the office of the Chief Justice of India   as a public authority that comes under the Right to Information Act.  The SC verdict will help usher in more transparency in government institutions which have been reluctant to comply with the act. This judgment is a sort of indictment of the erstwhile CJI Balakrishnan who objected to bring the office under the RTI Act during his tenure. However, the aam aadmi is unable to understand as to why the criteria for nominating a judge by collegium has been kept out of purview of RTI Act. Why the CJI has not included this under the RTI Act? Is it not defeating the basic purpose of bringing the CJI office under the RTI Act?


End Of Gogoi’s Sullied Stint

JUSTICE Ranjan Gogoi, who retires as the 46th Chief Justice of India after a 13-month stint, will be remembered for varied and odd reasons.  Justice Gogoi was one amongst those four senior judges of the Supreme Court who on January 12 last year addressed that very unprecedented press conference mounting a virtual revolt against the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra,  pointing out problems that they said were afflicting the country’s highest court. They warned that it could destroy Indian democracy. Justices Chelameswar, M K Lokur and Kurian Joseph have already retired with Justice Gogoi being last of that pack of four. Justice Gogoi may have revolted against Justice Misra but his own tenor and demeanour after assuming the Chief Justice’s throne did surprise many. In April this year, Justice Gogoi as Chief Justice of India was embroiled in a serious charge of moral turpitude. A 35-year-old woman, who is   a former SC staffer, levelled serious sexual harassment allegations against Justice Gogoi.

With his own colleague judges conducting a probe into those allegations, propriety demanded Justice Gogoi stepped aside as Chief Justice pending the probe or at least proceeded on leave to ensure that there was no direct or indirect impediment whatsoever to the investigation being conducted by his own fellow subordinate judges; justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done. Justice Gogoi and his wife Rupanjali will now be the first ever to get post-retirement complimentary perks at taxpayer’s expense

by way of the so-called “institutional courtesy” by the Gauhati High Court. The facilities would include a chauffeur-driven vehicle and a private secretary for the couple to look after their day-to-day requirements and coordinate with the High Court Registry for any protocol-related requirements.

The other facilities to be provided are a grade IV peon, a bungalow peon and a nodal officer of the High Court to coordinate with the private secretary. Why not provide such courtesy to all retiring judges? Those who are entrusted with the solemn duty of faithfully interpreting and upholding the law cannot themselves be above the law or be seen to artfully tweak the law.


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