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Instilling Discipline Among Motorists On Ferry Routes

I recently visited the beautiful island of Chorao to attend the month’s mass of the mother of one of my friends at St Bartholomeo Church. While returning back to Panaji, I thought there would be a heavy rush, as is always noticed, at the Chorao-Ribandar ferry point. But to my surprise, I saw that six ferries were plying. Moreover, Goa Police personnel were assisting and guiding the entry of vehicles into the ferry as it touched the ramp. The residents of the island were cooperating with the police, who initially allowed the four-wheelers to enter the ferry and then the two-wheelers were let in in a disciplined manner. No quarrels were witnessed and no rush too as is noticed on ferries plying on the Old Goa-Divar and Sao Pedro-Divar routes at peak hours where the two-wheeler riders are generally indisciplined and always in a hurry thus causing chaos. I would like to suggest to the Goltim Navelim panchayat and St Mathias panchayat members to request Goa Police to help them instill discipline on the above-mentioned ferry routes during peak hours. The two-wheeler riders from Divar have a lot to learn from the Chorao people.


Curb Air Pollution In Goa

The front page news report ‘Poor air quality cuts life short in Goa: US study’ (NT November 8) is a matter of great concern to the residents of Goa and should serve as a warning bell to the Goa government to tackle air pollution in the state on a war footing before it turns into another gas chamber like Delhi. It is most surprising as well that the quality of air in Goa, according to the recent report of the University of Chicago, has deteriorated so badly with a sharp increase of 9.3 per cent in particulate matter from 1998-2016 causing a reduction in the life expectancy of residents by 1.5 years, when only around 3-4 years back the Goa State Pollution Control Board had certified that the quality of air in Goa was one of the best in the country. Unlike Delhi, Goa does not have to face the menace of air pollution due to stubble burning from neighbouring states. The problem, therefore, lies in tackling the toxic vehicular pollution caused by the alarming rise in the number of vehicles on Goa roads. An odd-even formula for vehicles during festive seasons will certainly help in improving the quality of air, and is just one way of reducing air pollution.  


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