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J&K Residents Must Support Govt

In a major counter attack, the Indian Army early on Sunday morning killed at least six Pakistani soldiers and destroyed four terror launch pads along the Line of Control opposite the Tangdhar sector with heavy artillery shelling. This was in retaliation for the Pakistan Army’s truce violation on Saturday night to push terrorists into India, in which two Indian soldiers and one civilian had died in the Tangdhar sector in the Kashmir valley.

Pakistan, a snake in the grass, has always been a treacherous nation and it has violated truce to wreak havoc on India by pushing terrorists into India. Infiltrators have always sneaked in to India from Pakistan to sabotage India especially the state-Jammu and Kashmir. This has been witnessing since independence. To counter this cross border terrorism by Pakistan, people in Jammu and Kashmir must unite irrespective of caste or creed and extend their full support to the Indian government. Once people wholeheartedly and voluntarily come out in support of the Government, Pakistan will certainly fear to undertake any subversive activities against India by sending terrorists. Ultimately, the power rests with the people to decide whether Jammu and Kashmir should be prosper or perished.


The Voters’ Dilemma

The Opposition is in shambles, the Congress has lost the plot and infighting puts them in the ICU. The electorate is in dire straits with the Indian economy in deep trouble, sinking banks with unmanagable NPAs, industries and ancillary units closing down and whilst taking some action by lowering taxes etc to help the supply problem, the real demand problem is not at all properly addressed. High prices of essential commodities, transport and labor crisis looming. The PM para drops into State elections and pumps up with Hindutva patriotism, national security, abrogation of article 370 and Army action on terrorism and everything the fault of previous governments. A lot of welfare schemes and promises, good leadership against all discredited ones in the Opposition. The economist Nobel laureates are denigrated. One would expect some tolerance to listen to free advice of experts and have the option of disagreeing gracefully.The terrible potholed roads and PMC bank scam resultant deaths, jobless growth, high prices, garbage mishandling, climate change, unsustainable development  seemingly ignored, and the elusive “Acche Din” are promised once more. NOTA only makes things worse. We the people have to vote and pray for the best?


Protection from lightning

It is believed that the lightning activity that took place in the past few days is the most that the state has witnessed in recent times. This has resulted in the deaths of three persons including a tourist who was struck by lightning while on the beach. In the past one heard of cattle being struck by lightning while grazing in the fields, but humans dying due to lightning strike has been a rare occurrence in Goa. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Goa observatory has warned of heavy rains in the state for the next four days. IMD said that thundershowers accompanied by lightning and gusty wind are likely at isolated places. It is understood that most of the deaths due to lightning strike occurs in open places like fields, parks and beaches. It is dangerous to stand under a tree, bus-shelter when there is a thunderstorm. Given the dangers people face from a lightning strike during a thunderstorm, it would be prudent for the government to advise the citizens through the media on the “dos” and “don’ts” to protect oneself from a possible lightning strike. Emphasis need to be laid on what would be the safest place to take shelter from the rains during a thunderstorm which is accompanied by heavy lightning and thunder.


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