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Overemphasis On Past Glory

Mary Kom is an internationally acclaimed sportswoman who has imprinted her image into Indian boxing since last so many years. Nothing in her life, not even marriage and motherhood, put any impediments on her challenging boxing career, relentlessly marching ahead to achieve multiple world titles making her an icon for the Indian women especially those who are keen in opting for a sports career. We salute her womanhood with utmost respect. Sadly, though, she has unnecessarily landed in a controversy with fellow woman boxer Nikhat Zareen with regard to sending the Indian woman boxer in the 51 kg category to the qualifiers in Wuhan ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I often feel that in our country we tend to lay overemphasis on the past glory of a sportsperson, at times even ignoring the statute books. We fully agree that Mary Kom is a woman with exceptional repute but when it comes to selection trial and when there are fellow contestants waiting to prove their credentials the right course of action is to follow the rules. Significantly, the rules categorically state that only the gold and silver medalists can automatically qualify without undergoing the trials at home. Mary Kom won a bronze medal at the Worlds and therefore she has to face Nikhat Zareen in the trial before marching ahead. Therefore Nikhat Zareen is justified in writing to the Union Minister of State Kiren Rijiju against the discrimination subjected to her and she cannot be blamed for it. It is unacceptable how the celebrated Mary Kom lost her cool and attacked her rival saying, ‘Who is she? I don’t know her. What’s her standing?”


Renovation of Kala Academy

After the Kala Academy in Panaji, it is now the turn of the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. It is understood that the premiere cultural institution may be shut down by May next year on the lines of Kala Academy if the government fails to take up repairs and renovation of the complex on a war footing as the main auditorium witnesses water seepage during the rains. There is fear that with the roof of the dome leaking, it may come down for want of repairs/replacement. The pavers in the areas around the complex which is used for parking, have also become loose and makes a rattling sound when vehicles move over them. Ravindra Bhavan happens to be the main entertainment centre for South Goa, especially for tiatr lovers. It would be prudent for the government to carry out maintenance work of all the Ravindra Bhavans and other cultural centres across the state on a regular basis including carrying out a structural audit of the building.  


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