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On Vehicle Registration Number Plates

It is understood that a time limit has been notified to effect changes to the vehicle registration number plates. The renewal of the number plates, starting with zero has started. However, information about this is available only on the social media and no officially widely promulgated details are available on how, where and when the people can spare time conveniently to fit this into their busy schedules. Will the government please clarify and give detailed instructions in the media as to how a citizen is to conveniently go about this from registration to places where it will be done, timings, location, the costs involved etc so that the common people are made aware and not taken for a ride?


Empowering The Girl Child

October 11 is recognised as the International Day of the Girl Child. This year, the theme ‘Girl force: Unscripted and Unstoppable’ was a powerful one. Day of the Girl Child is special because the rights of the girl child, and her health, have almost always dominated this day’s agenda ever since it came into being in 2012. Home, education, health and employment are the cornerstones on which girl empowerment hinges. More and more girls are now focussed on career knowing well what financial independence can do to their morale and security.    Girls are a lot braver in today’s world. They understand the seriousness of doing things in a great way. Not slowly but surely, they are breaking all boundaries created by the largely patriarchal society of ours. Self-help and peer support are on the rise as girls are in the forefront in alleviating the sufferings of their less fortunate, marginalised sisters and mothers. An educated and literate girl can do wonders to the uneducated and illiterate ones through promotion of awareness. Therefore, educating a girl is like educating the whole nation. Discriminatory and negative cultural attitudes are fought by the girls themselves. They are not afraid of the ‘family block’.  Societal pressure is tackled with aplomb by today’s woman. ‘Do not be cold because girls are worth more than gold’ was heard not long ago. Unfortunately, the world is not absolutely free of people with medieval mindsets, keen on getting rid of a girl before she sees the light of day. A girl makes the world bright but still struggles to see the light. ‘Save the girl from the grave’ is a beautiful but chilling slogan. Female foeticide should, hopefully, be a thing of the past with enhanced awareness among sections of the society. Everybody wants a mother and a sister, of course a wife, but some are loathe to have daughters – the approach should hopefully change as generations shift.


Significance Of Organic Farming

Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies among the developing countries in the world. Agriculture is the major source of livelihood, particularly in the rural areas where 55 per cent of the people reside. Kudos to Governor of Gujarat Acharya Devvrat, who has successfully popularised and launched organic farming in the state of Haryana and motivated over 50,000 farmers to adopt organic technique. As a Governor, he is associated with this innovative idea of the Zero Budget Natural Farming project with the motive that farmers of the state can adopt organic farming. In Gujarat too, he has already implemented his dream project of organic farming. Farmers should now switch to organic farming from the conventional method of farming. Many farmers are apprehensive about adopting organic farming due to the high production cost and the three-year transition period when farmers must wait before getting their farms certified. There are those who are talking about a yield drop by 30 per cent with organic cultivation but when we compare this with chemical inputs technology investments, the resulting benefits from organic technology are superior. Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. One thing is clear that there is low awareness at the producer level on the difference between conventional farming and organic farming. At the consumer level, there is confusion between natural and organic products and limited understanding of the health benefits of organic food products. The increasing number of suicides by farmers is due to their dependency on fertilisers, which take away a huge portion of their earnings, rendering them indebted to moneylenders. Organic agriculture is the best insurance policy that India can have for its population with better performance on productivity, environmental impact, economic viability and social well-being. Training, camps and awareness at the grassroots level is a must. Organic farming is beneficial but calls for a planned strategy. We must remember that organic produce can usually qualify for higher prices than non-organic products. With the increase in population, our compulsion would be not only to stabilise agricultural production but increase it further in a sustainable manner. Isn’t it time to look at the health benefits of organic produce?


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