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Ocean Of Difference In Diplomacy

There are many quotes on the virtue of talking less and listening more, for quite often we make a mockery when our senseless articulations cross all barriers stooping to the lowest abyss. The approaches adopted by the two Prime Ministers, Narendra Modi of India and Imran Khan of Pakistan during their addresses at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday demonstrated how one can win hearts with minimum words as Modi did and how with mindless and vociferous diction one can only cut a poor picture as Khan depicted on the international platform. Modi during his brief discourse displayed statesmanship, in raising the issue of terrorism that is plaguing the globe, but without naming Pakistan even once, though the entire world knows the role of that rogue nation in breeding militancy. He utilised the podium not to procreate hostility against the neighbour but stressed on issues relating to humanity like climate change, renewable energy and poverty alleviation. On the contrary, Khan, who was supposed to confine his lecture to 15 minutes, spoke for almost 45 minutes, degrading India, its leadership and other organizations and threatening even of a nuclear war. He has attacked India for abrogating Articles 370 and 35A that had bestowed special status to J&K, without even realising that it is the internal matter of India and not an issue to be conversed on the global platform. He has needlessly attacked Modi saying that the United States had revoked his visa after the Gujarat riots. For no reason he has attacked the RSS organization blaming it for atrocities on Muslims. What difference in outlooks between the two neighbours! The hate speech of Khan is a manifestation of the Pakistani military and the ISI who have elevated him to lead the nation.


Preventing Littering On Beaches

In a special drive a team of scientists National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) recently collected more than 1000 kg of plastic waste from within just a one-kilometer stretch of Caranzalem beach. Besides the plastic waste other waste that was collected included large quantity of organic waste, glass bottles, metal cans, etc. the trash was handed over to the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) for scientific disposal. This is a massive quantity of waste collected from a small stretch of the beach and only goes to show that all the instructions/warnings not to litter the beaches is having very little impact. This must also be the case on other beaches in the state which attracts huge crowds. The government is spending crores of rupees of public money on the beach-cleaning operations.  It is said that prevention is better than cure. Drastic situations call for drastic steps. All this money needs to be spent on preventing the littering of the beaches. Several garbage bins should be placed on the beaches for people to throw the trash instead of a few bins placed at isolated places. Hefty fines should be imposed on those found leaving the waste on the beach sand.


Gandhi’s World Of Peace

As the nation gets set to celebrate his 150th birth anniversary, would it be right to aver that Mahatma Gandhi is fast losing relevance as that iconic figure who has contributed the most towards the nation achieving its free and independent status! The country remembers Gandhi as a political and spiritual leader who played a key role in the Indian independence movement. Now after seven decades of India’s freedom from colonial subjugation, fingers are being pointed against the mahatma for his lack of foresightedness and criticized for the role he played in the partition of the country. His detractors content that despite having developed the novel technique of non-violence that described the struggle which won India its freedom from the British; yet when independence did finally come, it did so awash with blood. For the Hindu-Muslim divide, which was non-existent during the entire freedom struggle, to show its ugly side no sooner it was achieved is an indication of the political deviousness of leaders in that era which is unfortunately no different from that of the current corps of political leaders who harp on religious nationalism to keep various communities in the country always at loggerheads with each other. Although India continues with its secular disposition, with the sort of politics being enacted in the country with each passing day, it is becoming extremely puzzling to place the pieces of the jigsaw. It however does not imply that the fury that never calmed after the partition in 1947 has to percolate down to hatred for leaders of yore who are deemed by the modern generation as being ‘architects’ of that shameful act. Attempts should not be made to re-write history by piecing together unverified facts which smacks of political craftiness. By inciting public outrage against decisions that are to be seen as commitments towards the demands of the times prevalent then, the new generation is taking an unethical view of events from the past pages of Indian history. Till the very end divide and rule was a deliberate strategy for the British and an unwary nation of Hindus and Muslims fell victim to the empire’s guiles.


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